New WEBDEV 22 feature!
  • Overview
  • New "Update 5" features (version 220073)
  • New "Update 4" features (version 220071)
  • New "Update 3" features (version 220063)
  • New "Update 2" features (version 220059)
  • New "Update 1" features (version 220052)
  • Overview
  • New "Update 2" features (version 220073)
  • New "Update 1" features (version 220071)
  • New "Final version" features (version 220063)
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Stored procedures
List of new features that you will discover in this upgraded version. Several improvements have been made to this version.
New "Update 2" features (version 220073)
Signature and certificate
This version includes new features that simplify the modification of your applications/sites to get the NF 525 standard. Among the new available features:
  • support for RSA, DSA and Elliptic Curve private keys (recommended by the NF 525 standard),
  • reduced size of generated signatures,
  • direct support of PKCS12 certificate files (.p12/.pfx),
  • management of password-protected certificates,
  • support for MD5, SHA1, SHA2 (256 bits), SHA-384 (384 bits) and SHA512 (512 bits) hashing algorithms,
  • management of containers in PKCS7 (DER) and PKCS7 (PEM) formats,
  • ...
CertificateSignString and CertificateCheckString propose new syntax.
  • Optimized management of branches.
  • Improved import of SCM database into another SCM database.
New "Update 1" features (version 220071)
  • SCM widget on the dashboard: Displaying the size of SCM database.
  • Wizard for adding a project into SCM: Displaying the size of SCM database and the size of added project.
Preset template
  • New "Management panel" template.
Responsive Web Design
  • Anchor of stackable or pinned controls:
    • Ability to apply the RWD fluid grid
    • Ability to store a fixed relative position in pixels.
  • Improved management of errors when stackable controls are hidden in a blade.
Table control
  • Rich and multiline column titles.
Combo box for selecting a set of fonts From now on, the combo boxes allowing you to select a font in the editor display font preview in real size. These combo boxes are available for example:
  • when editing a caption,
  • in the "Style" tab of controls,
  • when describing styles, ...
WLanguage server
  • Management of image URLs (full or relative).
WLanguage browser
  • Ability to use the WLanguage code Version 2 (available in HTML 5 only). This version of WLanguage browser code is optimized and it complies with the operating mode in server code. To enable this mode:
    1. Display the description window of project.
    2. In the "Compilation" tab, in the "General options" area, choose "WLanguage browser: Version 2".
  • The following features are available:
    • '=', '<-', and '<=' operators
    • [[ ]] operator in assignment
    • Variant type
    • Parameter by reference
    • "Local" keyword
    • "Dynamic" keyword
    • Conditional compilation
    • Extension attributes
    • Procedure with variable number of parameters and "MyParameters" keyword
    • Internal procedure
    • Improved management of errors
    • Enumerations and combinations
Installing WEBDEV Deployment application server
  • Several improvements (regarding the interface and the operations performed):
    • Differentiated interface for a first setup or for an update of WEBDEV Application Server
    • Copy of existing rights onto the registry keys when migrating a site.
    • Automatic or manual import of existing WEBDEV accounts at the end of setup.
Signature and certificate
An intermediate update is supplied from July 28 2017, allowing you to:
  • use the "elliptic-curve" signature.
  • reduce the size of generated signatures by proposing the rough signature (without certification strings, ...).
Note: These new features can be used to comply with the financial law about accounting software (NF525 standard).
New "Final version" features (version 220063)
Skins/Palettes/Preset templates
  • New BStrap skin
  • Skins: Management of customizable tooltips.
  • Palettes: new meta-colors: Warning, information, validation, modification.
  • New preset template: Overview
Responsive Web Design
  • Navigation bar
    • Ability to create a new navigation bar or a navigation bar with burger.
    • Ability to define the width of left and right panes ("Fixed width per blade" option in the "GUI" tab of the description window of control).
  • Looper: Description window of control
    • The tooltip displayed for the "Number of columns" control now displays the number of columns for each blade.
    • A click on the "Responsive Web Design" button for the number of columns is used to edit the number of columns for each blade.
  • Updating the description window of controls when loading a blade: the information regarding the current blade is displayed.
  • Managing anchors
    • The display mode of anchors is modified in the editor. From this version: The "fluid" anchors in width are no longer displayed in the editor. Only the fixed anchors are visible in the editor.
      • The anchoring according to a fixed size is represented by "->x".
      • When the minimum size defined in the anchoring options is reached, the "||<-" logo is displayed. *** When the maximumn size defined in the anchoring options is reached, the "->||" logo is displayed.
      • "Centered (one per line)" anchoring: In the editor, the control enlargement in width triggers a symmetrical enlargement (of each control side).
  • GUI compilation error: From now on, the check on the minimum size of a control is performed for the entire blade (and not on the maximum size of the blade).
  • Image control
    • The option "Adapt the size" is using the image size defined for the current blade.
    • When modifying the display mode via the description window, an information message lists the different modifications imposed. The modification of the display mode can be canceled if necessary.
  • Managing blades: You now have the ability to see the overloads for the selected controls via the popup menu ("Responsive Web Design .. List the overloads for the selected controls").
Image editor
  • Ability to edit the image file linked to an Image control found in a page:
    • via "Edit the image" from the popup menu of control.
    • via the "General" tab of the description window of control ("Edit the image" from the popup menu of image path).
Query editor
  • Visual edit of expressions in the joins.
Site deployment
  • A file can now be defined as "To delete and to exclude from updates". In this case, the file will be deleted from the server and it will not be proposed during the next site update.
  • Report in a single click: The SCM automatically compares the versions to merge in order to apply the differences.
  • ORDER BY of items that are not found in SELECT: You have the ability to sort an SQL query via an item that is not found in SELECT.
  • The properties available for the file items are now available for the items of Record variables.
  • Reflection: The reflection supports the associated elements.
    • The ..Variable, ..Property and ..Procedure properties of Definition variables now list the associated elements.
    • The new ..AssociationDeclaration property of Definition variable is used to list the associated types.
    • In the Variable, Property and Procedure variables, the new ..Associated property returns True if the element comes from an associated class.
  • WLanguage functions (Server code)
    • dArc function: New parameter used to configure the line thickness.
    • dPolygon function: Ability to pass an array of Point variables in parameter.
    • Drawing functions (dxxx): You now have the ability to use a Color variable in the drawing functions. The color characteristics are taken into account, especially the opacity.
    • EmailCheckAddress: Update the domains checked.
Minimum required version
  • Version 22
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