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Benefit from the 180 new features of version 22
WINDEV Mobile 22 includes most the common new features presented at the beginning of this documentation.
New controls, evolutions on existing controls, new features in the editors, integrated image editor, new features of WLanguage and HFSQL: your teams become more efficient.
Reminder: transfer the existing WINDEV applications onto mobile in a few hours
You already have WINDEV applications?
Even if these applications have been developed years ago, they are compatible with the mobile devices!
Your existing applications can be transferred onto a mobile device in a few hours or in a few days.
Your teams are efficient in WLanguage? Then they have the ability to develop for mobile.
Creating applications for Android, iOS or UWP is child's play.
Your existing applications are compatible: code but also windows (even though they will have to be resized), analyses, queries, data, ...
The HFSQL database (as well as the HyperFileSQL database) is natively compatible with the mobile devices: you can immediately embed the data (and the indexes).
You've made the right choice with WINDEV and WINDEV Mobile!
Go of WINDEV Mobile in WINDEV
In version 22, there is no need to exit from the WINDEV environment to go to WINDEV Mobile.
The WINDEV environment enables the features of WINDEV Mobile (you must own a WINDEV license and a WINDEV Mobile license).
This allows you to save time.
WINDEV Mobile and WINDEV configurations
In version 22, in addition to the shared environment, you have the ability to create a WINDEV Mobile project as a configuration of a WINDEV project.
This allows for a better share of elements and for a parallel evolution of the code, windows, reports, queries, ...
The multi-configuration compilation compiles the different configurations at the same time, allowing you to immediately check the cross-platform aspects.
Telemetry on mobile : study the use of your applications
In version 22, WINDEV Mobile allows you to install the telemetry on your applications.
The use of telemetry is free on your servers.
If you want to get away from server maintenance, PCSCLOUD offers telemetry servers accessible in the Cloud.
Want to know what the users are doing with your mobile apps?
Which windows are visited? Which buttons are clicked? Which processes are started? The telemetry tells it all!
Want to know what the users are doing with your mobile apps? Which processes they start, which windows they use, on which device is the application run, what is the size of the screen, whether it is a tablet or a phone, etc.
The halos indicate the most clicked controls, the tooltips the time spent on the control or the presence of bugs
The halos indicate the most clicked controls,
the tooltips the time spent on the control or the presence of bugs

The telemetry of WINDEV Mobile 22 makes all this possible and easy.
List of main features proposed in telemetry on mobile:
  • most active applications
  • less active applications
  • list of users
  • nb of users over time
  • activity per user
  • nb of users
  • nb users/day
  • nb of application launches
  • total nb of errors
  • nb of distinct errors
  • nb of users affected by the errors
  • nb of errors over time
  • frequency of error occurrence
  • nb of actions
  • most frequently run actions
  • longest user actions
  • longest processes
  • unused elements
  • most used windows
  • least used windows
  • unused windows
  • most used reports (iOS)
  • unused reports (iOS)
  • most used queries
  • unused queries
  • distribution of nb of versions
  • distribution by OS language
  • distribution by language
  • distribution by equipment, by OS, by screen size, by hardware DPI, by processor (arm, x86, x64)
  • presence of NFC or not (Android)
  • phone connection available or not
Custom telemetry
In addition to all standard collections, you have the ability to send and aggregate custom statistics: number of created invoices, number of scans performed, ...
If there are differences, you see them right away!
WINDEV Mobile 22 simultaneously compiles all the configurations of a mobile project.
Which means compiling the Android, iOS and/or UWP versions of a project at the same time.
Reminder: in WINDEV Mobile the compilation is automatically performed whenever pressing the Enter key, whenever changing line, whenever performing a backup, ...
The possible differences between platforms are immediately signaled.
You don't type code during 30 minutes and then realize that it is specific to the platform ... only when changing configuration!
For example: management of MicroSD card that does not exist on iPhone.
If there are differences between systems, you are immediately notified
If there are differences between systems, you are immediately notified

The mobile interfaces are becoming more and more sophisticated. WINDEV Mobile 22 helps you!
Today, the mobile applications propose sophisticated interfaces.
Animations make the user experience more enjoyable.
The version 22 of WINDEV Mobile allows you to easily implement sophisticated animations in your applications.
Caption flip : a somersault with every modification!
Caption flip

A "flip" corresponds to a rotation along the horizontal axis of a text.
For example, when the value of the text (or number) changes, a flip materializes this change.
By default, the flip is run when changing value.
To see this animation, visit the site http://www.windev.com/22364
Animation of internal window : uncovering
Uncovering internal window

WINDEV Mobile 22 offers a new horizontal effect: when changing window (swipe), the current window moves laterally and reveals the new window.
To see this animation, visit the site http://www.windev.com/22365
Animation of internal window : new horizontal animation : flip
WINDEV Mobile 22 offers another new horizontal effect: when changing window (swipe), the window turns along a vertical axis to reveal the new window.
This simulates a flip of paper document (recto/verso).
Flip of internal window

To see this animation, visit the site http://www.windev.com/22366
Animation of internal window : 7 new vertical animations
In version 22, the horizontal animations are now also available in vertical mode.
  • disappearance/appearance,
  • cube in rotation,
  • zoom out and in,
  • scrolling panel,
  • swipe according to direction,
  • uncovering,
  • flip.
100 animated images supplied (can be freely distributed with your apps)
To enhance your mobile apps, WINDEV Mobile 22 is supplied with more than 100 animated images that can be freely distributed with your applications: don't forget to use them!
100 animated images supplied in 22
100 animated images supplied in 22

New Dashboard control
In version 22, the Dashboard control is available for the Android and iOS applications.
When retrieving WINDEV applications that use the Dashboard control, the existing code is compatible.
The Dashboard control is adapted to touch-screen mobile devices: a long press allows you to switch to "Modification" mode and to move the Widgets for example.
The end user can delete, move and resize Widgets. A Widget is based on an internal window.
Dashboard control available on Mobile
Dashboard control available on Mobile
New skin templates
The version 22 of WINDEV Mobile proposes 3 new templates that can be freely used and modified for your projects.
And every quarter, find a new template in the LST.
Static control and Image : custom border
In version 22, the caption of a static or image can be customized:
  • different thickness per side
  • different color per side
  • ...
A custom border
A custom border
Mobile table with breaks
The version 22 of WINDEV Mobile now supports the tables with breaks.
A break can be defined in the "7 tabs".
Table with breaks
Table with breaks

Looper : break always visible
On mobile, a looper break can be defined in "Always visible" mode: it will always be displayed at the top of the screen during a scroll.
Preset windows
The creation of a new mobile window version 22 systematically proposes a set of ready-to-use windows, such as:
  • login
  • parameters
  • window for articles
  • fixed menu
  • sliding menu
  • window with tabs
  • guided tour
  • about
  • ...
Your windows are created from templates.
Preset window : customizable
A preset window is fully editable and customizable: interface, code, ...
2 new properties for the Image control : ..ZoomWithFinger and ..ScrollWithFinger
The new ..ZoomWithFinger and ..ScrollWithFinger properties (synonym: ..Scroll for compatibility with WINDEV) allow you to enable and disable the zoom and scroll features with the finger.
This allows the user to switch to "drawing" mode on an area (instead of scrolling).
Layout on internal window
The layouts are a fundamental concept of mobile development.
The concept of layout allows you to create a single application that will behave differently according to the size of the screen.
The version 22 of WINDEV Mobile also allows you to create layouts on internal windows, that are widely used on mobile.
Save the displayed map by programming
A geographic map displayed on the screen by the Map control can be saved via the new WLanguage MapGetImage function.. If a trace or markers are found, they will also be saved.
Save the image of displayed map

See the help about MapGetImage for more details.
Is my app running on a phone or on a tablet?
The new WLanguage ScreenType function allows you to identify the type of device on which the application is currently run: tablet, phone, watch, PC, other?
The application will adapt its behavior according to the result.
See the help about ScreenType for more details.
"7 tabs" : differences according to the platform
Some features may be available on a platform and not on another one.
For example, the "main menu" attribute is supported by Android but not by iOS.
The 7-tab window indicates that a difference exists between the systems via a blue background, and these differences are signaled via a detailed tooltip.
In iOS, Apple does not allow you to have a main menu ...
In iOS, Apple does not allow you to have a main menu...

Decoding bar codes in batches
The new WLanguage CameraStartDecoding and CameraStopDecoding functions allows you to decode bar codes in batches without having to re-open the scan window, like a batch of packages for example.
The scan is much faster then.
Sending error reports by email
The security mechanism of WLanguage may detect an unexpected condition: access to an out-of-bound subscript in an array for example.
A window displays this error.
In version 22, the window for error display proposes to send the information to a pre-filled email address (address that manages the application quality).
The message sent contains the error message, the stack, the system version, the hardware version, the available memory, the date and time, the applicdation version, a screenshot, ...
This allows you to easily improve the quality of deployed applications.
If an error occurs, the end user can click OK to send the report to you!
If an error occurs, the end user can click OK to send the report to you!

Bluetooth LE : what is the distance between myself and the device?
A new parameter of the callback called by the WLanguage BTLEListDevices function indicates the strength of signal for the relevant Bluetooth device.
This allows you to get the strength of signal without connecting to the device and to estimate the distance from the device.
A use example is the display of information when we approach an object (museum...) or a specific product in a store (product on the shopping list for example).
Here, the device is 22 meters away from the phone ...
Here, the device is 22 meters away from the phone...

Decoding bar codes : interleaved 2 of 5
In addition to the supported bar codes, the applications developed with WINDEV Mobile 22 also decode the "interleaved 2 of 5" bar codes.
This type of bar code is used for the packages of products that are identified by another type of bar code: no risk of mixed reading!
Let's remind you that your existing WINDEV code and your windows are compatible with iPhone and iPad.
Resize your windows, perform some changes, and that's it, in a few hours or in a few days, you get outstanding applications for iPhone and iPad.
Your teams do not have to learn a new language because after 20 years of constant innovation, WLanguage is a universal language: iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, Web, Mac, Windows 10 Mobile, ...
You made the right choice!
iOS benefits from the common new features of version 22 and from the new features common to the mobile devices: telemetry, simultaneous compilation, dashboard control, ...
Support for applewatch series 2
Apple Watch

An Apple Watch allows you to run useful applications: information about the current customer, display of 3 nearest stores proposing the requested product, overview of monthly sales, alert on a given number, display of business objective, ...
The version 22 of WINDEV Mobile allows you to create applications for the Apple Watch.
In most cases, the applications for Apple Watch are easier than the usual applications on iPhone.
More than 250 WLanguage functions are already available in this version.
IOS 10
The new iOS 10 version is supported by WINDEV Mobile 22.
iphone 7 and 7 plus
The new iPhone 7 and 7+ are supported by WINDEV Mobile 22.
Apple Pencil
Some Apple tablets accept the use of the Apple stylus.
The application developed with WINDEV Mobile 22 can retrieve information about the use of stylus:
  • pressure
  • tilt of stylus
  • angle in relation to the tablet axis.
This information is useful for the drawing applications for example.
Unique device identifier
The WLanguage SysIdentifier function is used to retrieve the unique identifier of an Apple device.
Edit controls : automatic erase option
The "Automatic erase" option in control entry is now available for iOS.
Status and network type
The MobileNetworkStatus and MobileNetworkConnectionInfo functions are available for iOS.
Knowing the network quality allows you to decide whether some processes will be triggered or not: synchronization, download...
Faster looper : the images are loaded in background task
Loading large images does not lock the application
Loading large images does not lock the application

A looper can use heavy-weight images.
The time for loading these images (Internet...) could penalize the navigation.
In version 22, this load is performed in background task, without locking the looper.
Your end users will appreciate!
Key with linguistic sort on Unicode key
The applications that handle texts in non-Latin languages require specific features for linguistic sort in order to sort, filter and find data.
This is now possible in version 22 of WINDEV Mobile.
New iOS types
The version 22 proposes 4 new types for iOS and 106 new constants (see the list in the online help).
142 new WLanguage functions supported in iOS
142 new WLanguage functions are being introduced for iOS in version 22:
CameraRequestPermission CameraStatusCameraListParameterCameraStartDecoding
Developing in Android has never been as powerful as with WINDEV Mobile 22. You benefit from powerful new features that come in addition to the existing ones.
Android benefits from the common new features of version 22 and from the new features common to the mobile devices: telemetry, simultaneous compilation, Dashboard control, ...
Compilation in background task
This new feature that will delight the developers of Android applications: in version 22, there is no need to wait for the end of native compilation of applications ("Gradle").
The compilation is performed in background tack and the environment is available for another task.
The end of compilation is notified on the screen.
You will notice that the presence of a Proxy does not impact the compilation anymore.
Email functions in Android
Another new feature expected in Android, the automatic management of emails: connection, send, receive, ...
The powerful family of Email functions is supported in Android in version 22.
The code that exists in other systems (Windows, iOS, ...) is compatible.
Send and receive emails automatically from your Android apps with WINDEV Mobile 22!
Android 7 : Resizable windows
From Android version 7 (released around September 2016), you have the ability to simultaneously display windows of 2 different applications on the screen.
This feature is available in WINDEV Mobile 22.
Each application window created with WINDEV Mobile 22 automatically adapts to the available space via the anchors and/or the layouts.
2 different applications on the same screen
2 different applications on the same screen

Display bar codes on the screen
Display bar codes in your applications
Display bar codes in your applications

The bar code control is available in Android.
This control is used to display bar codes on the screen: reward card, cafeteria card, open house, ...
Static control : shadow on caption
The Static controls now support the shadows.
Several types of shadows are proposed
Several types of shadows are proposed

Variant type : useful to consume REST Webservice
The Variant type is available in Android.
It is very usefult to handle unstructured and untyped data.
The JSONToVariant function combined with the introduction of the Variant type greatly simplifies the use of JSON.
JSON appears as a native type in your applications!
httpRequest type
The httpRequest type greatly enhances the power of HTTPRequest!
This gttpRequest type is also available in Android.
It allows for example to manage: header setting, method, password, connection time-out, tracking progress via progress bar and procedure, management of cookies, httpResponse type with details, etc.
HTTPSendForm : evolution
The httpSendForm function is used to send a request in the format of a form. This flexible request structure is commonly used.
The head and patch constants are supported in version 22.
Secure FTP functions : SFTP and FTPS
In version 22, the FTP functions support the secure SFTP and FTPS protocols in Android.
ExeRun function
In version 22, the ExeRun function is available in Android.
This function is used to start an application: gallery of photos, maps, calendar, ...
This function also allows you to start a second application from an application, which is very useful for the software suites containing several applications: estimates, accounting, ...
OOP : Class properties
The class properties are supported in version 22 (Setter and Getter on the attributes of classes).
Memory binding
The memory binding is available in Android.
The link between a control and an attribute or a class property is automatic.
The WLanguage SourceToScreen and ScreenToSource functions are available.
You also have the ability to link the content of a table or looper to an array of instances.
Automatic assignment from variables
Automatic assignment from variables

Procedure type
The Procedure type is supported in Android.
The use of CallBack procedures is simplified.
[[ ]] operator on buffer
The "square breacket square bracket" [[]] operator is used to read a given byte in a buffer.
This operator is now available in Android in version 22.
HFSQL Client/Server security : encrypting connections
In version 22, the connection to a HFSQL server can be encrypted (..CryptMethod on the Connection type).
HFSQL Client/Server : New timestamp item in Android
In version 22, you now have the abilit to create "timestamp" items in the data files.
The calculated items are supported.
Android embedded HFSQL : 122 new functions
HFSQL for Android evolves in version 22 and it supports 122 new functions.
See the entire list of functions in the online help.
Debugging deployed apps : retrieving traces, assert and non-fatal errors
When an application is deployed from Play Store, the possible application errors that occur on the user computers are made available to the application developer in the "ADB log".
This allows you to retrieve the errors as well as Asserts and traces for all the devices that run the application.
The "log ADB" is also accessible on each phone without going through the store.
Debugging : Family of dbg functions
In version 22, to simplify the debug in Android, the family of dbg functions is supported.
Integration of.so and.aar lib
The .so and the .aar are native binary libraries in Android (equivalent to DDL).
In version 22, these libraries can be directly included in the package.
Asset directory
An Asset directory contains resources specific to an application: images, texts, ...
An SDK may require files in the Asset directory.
In version 22, the files found can be directly included in the Asset directory.
Management of authorizations
From Android version 6, an application may request an authorization ("use the GPS") during the first use of the feature by the user.
Before, these requests had to be made in "batch" during the setup.
WINDEV Mobile 22 supports this mode of authorization request.
Various new Android features
  • Chart binding from a table column
  • Configuring the color of system bar
New constants and new types in WLanguage for Android
The version 22 proposes 18 new types for Android and 219 new constants (see the entire list in the online help).
253 new WLanguage functions supported in Android
253 new WLanguage functions are being introduced for Android in version 22:
Common new features
WINDEV Mobile 22 for Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded benefits from the common new features of version 22.
14 new WLanguage functions for Windows Mobile and CE
14 new WLanguage functions have been introduced for Windows Mobile and Windows CE in version 22.
Develop for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile (uwp)
WINDEV Mobile 22 allows you to generate UWP applications that operate on PCs, Smartphones and Tablets running Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile.
Compatibility with Android and iOS (and PC, and Linux, and Web, ...)
An application developed with WINDEV Mobile 22 for Windows 10 Mobile is compatible with Android and iOS: all you have to do is recompile it to get a native Android app and a native iOS app.
Similarly, this application is compatible with all Windows versions, with Linux and it can even be changed into a Web site! (however, the windows will have to be enlarged).
Windows 10 Mobile (uwp) controls
New native controls are available for Windows 10 Mobile:
New UWP controls
  • action bar (with hamburger button & sliding menus)
  • multiline zone
  • map
  • popup menu
  • tab
  • calendar.
They are added to the controls already available for UWP:
  • static
  • edit control
  • button
  • chart
  • check box
  • radio button
  • list box
  • combo box
  • image
  • looper
  • progress bar
  • slider
  • HTML control
  • internal window.
Windows Store
The applications developed for Windows 10 Mobile can be deployed via the Microsoft store.
The common new features of HFSQL are available for Windows 10 Mobile (UWP): new SQL commands, forcing the search key of queries, application trigger, ...
Raspberry Pi : with WINDEV Mobile 22!
Raspberry Pi can run Windows For IOT.
WINDEV Mobile 22 allows you to compile applications for Windows IOT.
Therefore, these applications operate on Raspberry Pi.
322 new WLanguage functions supported in UWP
322 new functions for Windows 10 Mobile are available in version 22 (only the families of functions are indicated here, see the entire list in the online help).
  • Management of character strings
  • Management of internal windows (IWxxx)
  • Management of contacts (Contactxxx)
  • Management of telemetry (Telemetryxxx)
  • Check Box functions (CheckBoxxxx)
  • Radio Button functions (RadioButtonxxx)
  • Management of charts (grxxx)
  • HFSQL functions (hxxx)
  • Management of Server triggers (HxxxServerTrigger)
  • Management of HFSQL C/S backups
  • Management of HFSQL server
  • Management of emails (emailxxx)
  • Drawing functions (dxxx)
  • Calendar functions (Calendarxxx)
  • Scheduler functions (Schedulerxxx)
  • Encoding functions
  • Management of bank holidays Management of SQL views
  • iCalendar functions
  • Management of sensor (Sensorxxx).
Minimum required version
  • Version 22
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