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Stored procedures
CellDisplayDialog (Function)
In French: CelluleAfficheDialogue
Displays a cell in a page with a DDW effect (Dim Disabled Windows). This function is used to easily simulate a dialog box in browser code, by using a cell in a page.
See Communicating with the Web user for more details.
// Displays a cell containing a question
CellDisplayDialog(CELL_Question, cellCenter, True, 50)
CellDisplayDialog(<Cell Name> [, <Display Position> [, <Taking DDW Into Account> [, <Rate of Gray>]]])
<Cell Name>: Character string (with or without quotes)
Name of cell that will be displayed.
<Display Position>: Optional Integer constant
Display position of cell:
(Default value)
The cell is centered in the visible part of current page.
cellBottomRightThe cell is found in the bottom right corner of the visible part of current page.
cellBottomLeftThe cell is found in the bottom left corner of the visible part of current page.
cellTopRightThe cell is found in the top right corner of the visible part of current page.
cellTopLeftThe cell is found in the top left corner of the visible part of current page.
cellPositionXYThe cell remains at current position.
<Taking DDW Into Account>: Optional boolean
  • True (default value) to display the cell with a DDW effect (the page displayed behind the cell is grayed),
  • False to disable the DDW effect.
<Rate of Gray>: Integer
Rate of gray (included between 0 and 100) used by the DDW.
The maximum value (100) will be used if the specified value is greater than 100.
The DDW is ignored if the specified value is less than 0. The default rate of gray is set to 18%.

Characteristics of cell

  • The cell must be stackable ("Details" tab in the description window of cell).
  • To avoid displaying unnecessary scrollbars in the browser, check "Automatic positioning at loading to avoid the scrollbars" ("Details" tab in the description window of cell). This option is used to automatically position the cell at position (0,0) when loading the page. Then, the display position defined by CellDisplayDialog is taken into account.
Note: To run a server code from a cell, use AJAXExecute or AJAXExecuteAsynchronous.

Special cases

  • In order for the cell to be displayed, CellDisplayDialog must be used:
    • in a "None" button. In this case, only the browser code of the button will be run.
    • in a "Submit" button and activate AJAX in the code of this button. In this case, the browser code and the server code of button will be run.
  • The displayed cell can be hidden by CellCloseDialog.
  • The browsers do not refresh the display in the middle of a JavaScript code: CellDisplayDialog and CellCloseDialog must be used in different processes. If these functions are used in the same process, the cell is not displayed.
  • Two different cells cannot be displayed at the same time by CellDisplayDialog.
WEBDEV - Browser code WDJS.DLL
Minimum required version
  • Version 12
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