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Stored procedures
Modifies an element in a memory List Box control (standard List Box or ListView) or in a memory Combo Box control.
Remark: <List Box>.Modify can be used on the single-selection and multiselection List Box controls.
// Modify the element found at subscript 4 in "LIST_CustomerList"
LIST_CustomerList.Modify("Smith", 4)
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// Modify the image found at subscript 4 in "LSV_Diving"
LSV_Diving.Modify("Coral Reef", "C:\MyImages\CoralReef.JPG", 4)
<List Box control>.Modify(<Element> [, <Image> [, <Element subscript>]])
<List Box control>: Control name
<Element>: Character string (with quotes)
Element to modify in the specified List Box (or Combo Box) control.
Java For a ListView control, this parameter corresponds to the image caption.
PHP The Carriage Return characters (CR) and the tabulations (TAB) are not supported.
<Image>: Optional character string (with quotes)
Name and path of image that will be added into a ListView control. This parameter is taken into account for ListView controls displayed in ListView mode only.
If this parameter is not specified, the default image (defined in the "Details" tab in the description window of control) will be used.
PHP This parameter is not available.
<Element subscript>: Optional integer
Subscript of element to modify.
If this parameter:
  • is not specified or if it is set to -1, the current element is modified. <List Box>.Modify has no effect if there is no current element.
  • is equal to 0, the first element is modified.
  • is greater than the number of elements found in the List Box (or Combo Box) control, a WLanguage error occurs. The number of elements found in a List Box (or Combo Box) control is returned by <List Box>.Count.
PHP <List Box>.Modify has no effect if this parameter is equal to 0 or if it is greater than the number of elements found in the List Box (or Combo Box) control.

Multiselection List Box control

If one or more elements are selected in the List Box control, <List Box>.Modify deselects no element.
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Modified element

When modifying an element containing an invisible value (specified by gLink), gLink must be re-used. Otherwise, this invisible value will be lost during the modification.
For example:
  • adding "MyElement":
    COMBO_MyCombo.Add("MyElement" + gLink("1"))
  • modifying "MyElement":
    COMBO_MyCombo.Modify("MyNewElement" + gLink("1"))


  • To modify an element in a Table control, use <Table>.Modify.
  • <List Box>.Modify can be used on a "Combo Box" table column.
Component: wd260obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 23
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