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Stored procedures
Plays an animation when a control, a group of controls or a window is modified.
The principle is as follows:
  1. Using AnimationPrepare.
  2. Modifying the controls by programming (fill, move, change of plane, etc.). These modifications are not displayed. These modifications will be displayed when AnimationPlay is used.
  3. Using AnimationPlay. This function is used to switch from the "before modification" status to the "after modification" status by playing an animation.
// Prepare the animation
// The animation will be played in the window
AnimationPrepare(WIN_Customer, WIN_Customer.X, WIN_Customer.Y, ...
WIN_Customer.Width, WIN_Customer.Height)
// Modify controls
BTN_Down.Visible = False
IMG_Detail.Height += 50
// Performs the modifications and plays the animation
AnimationPlay(<Type of animation> [, <Animation duration>])
<Type of animation>: Integer constant
Type of animation to play:
animSlideDownScroll to the bottom.
animSlideRightScroll right.
animSlideLeftScroll left.
animSlideUpScroll up.
Versions 19 and later
New in version 19
Flip around the horizontal axis.
Versions 19 and later
New in version 19
Flip around the vertical axis.
animFlipDownwardDiagonalFlip around the diagonal from the top left point to the bottom right point.
animFlipUpwardDiagonalFlip around the diagonal from the top right point to the bottom left point.
animFadeInFade-in animation.
animCoverFromCornersThe image is displayed from the 4 corner while the previous status is overlapped.
animCoverDownScrolling to the bottom while the previous status is overlapped.
animCoverRightScrolling to the right while the previous status is overlapped.
animCoverLeftScrolling to the left while the previous status is overlapped.
animCoverUpScrolling to the top while the previous status is overlapped.
animCoverFromCenterNew status appearing from the center with a zoom effect while the previous status is overlapped.
animShrinkThen4CornerThe previous status is shrunk then the new status is appearing from the 4 corners.
<Animation duration>: Optional integer or optional Duration
Duration of animation in hundredths of a second. This parameter can correspond to:
  • an integer corresponding to the number of hundredths of a second,
  • a Duration variable,
  • Versions 23 and later
    a clear description of the duration (e.g., '1cs' or '10 ms').
    New in version 23
    a clear description of the duration (e.g., '1cs' or '10 ms').
    a clear description of the duration (e.g., '1cs' or '10 ms').
We recommend that you use a short duration (up to 1 second).
The application is locked as long as the animation is not over. If the user clicks or preses a key, the animation is stopped and the controls are displayed in their final status.
Remark: The number of images played is adjusted according to the speed of the computer. Below a given number of images per second, the image is too jerky and the animation is canceled. The number of images per second is configured by AnimationMinFPS.
  • An error occurs if AnimationPrepare is called twice without a call to AnimationPlay.
  • To avoid slowing down the window opening, AnimationPrepare and AnimationPlay have no effect when they are used in the "Initializing" event of the window.
  • AnimationPrepare and AnimationPlay have no effect:
    • if "Enable the animation of controls on the project" is not checked. This option is available in the description window of the project, "Advanced" tab, "Animation of controls" button.
    • or if AnimationEnabled was not called to enable the animations.
Component : wd260obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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