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Stored procedures
Several functions can be used to manage images:
  • Web-specific image management functions (especially those that manage the scrolling of images).
  • Functions for managing images in the Image controls.
ImageAreaReturns the number of the image area clicked by the Web user.
ImageFirstDisplays the first image for the scroll.
ImageLastDisplays the last image for the scroll.
ImageLayerVisibleUsed to make a layer found in a WDPIC image visible or invisible.
ImageNextDisplays the next image for the scroll.
ImageOccurrenceReturns the total number of images taken into account by the scroll.
ImagePreviousDisplays the previous image for the scroll.
ImageScrollingPositionReturns the displayed image.
ImageStartScrollingStarts the automatic scroll of images.
ImageStopScrollingStops the automatic scroll of images.
ImageXPosReturns the horizontal position (X) of the mouse cursor in relation to the specified Image control.
ImageYPosReturns the vertical position (Y) of the mouse cursor in relation to the specified Clickable Image control.
Minimum version required
  • Version 16
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