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Stored procedures
Returns the display mode of an Organizer control: day, week, month, ...
Remark: OrganizerChangeMode is used to change the display mode of the Organizer control.
Universal Windows 10 App In Universal Windows 10 App mode, this function can only be used to handle Organizer controls in a report.
// Toggles between daily display and monthly display
IF OrganizerMode(ORG_MyOrganizer) = orgzDay THEN
OrganizerChangeMode(ORG_MyOrganizer, orgzMonth)
OrganizerChangeMode(ORG_MyOrganizer, orgzDay)
<Result> = OrganizerMode(<Organizer control>)
<Result>: Integer constant
Time range displayed by the Organizer control:
orgzCustomNbDayDisplays the Organizer control over a number of days specified by OrganizerChangeMode.
WEBDEV - Server codePHP This constant is not available.
orgzDayThe Organizer control displays one day.
orgzMonthThe Organizer control displays a full month.
orgzWeekThe Organizer control displays a full week (or a partial week if a number of days was specified with OrganizerChangeMode).
orgzWeekOn5The Organizer control displays a 5-day week (without weekend).
<Organizer control>: Control name
Name of the Organizer control to be used. This control can correspond to:
  • WINDEVAndroidiPhone/iPadMac Catalyst an Organizer control in a window.
  • an Organizer control in a report.
  • WEBDEV - Server codePHP an Organizer control in a page.


OrganizerMode replaces OrganizerZoom (kept for backward compatibility).


The following code lines are equivalent:
OrganizerChangeMode(ORG_Organizer, orgzWeek, 5)
OrganizerChangeMode(ORG_Organizer, orgzWeekOn5)

In both cases, OrganizerMode returns the orgzWeekOn5 constant.
Related Examples:
WD Handling the Organizer control Training (WINDEV): WD Handling the Organizer control
[ + ] WD Handling the Organizer control is a simple example for using the Organizer control.

The following features are used:
- Creating an appointment
- Saving an organizer
- Restoring an organizer
WD Organizer Complete examples (WINDEV): WD Organizer
[ + ] This example is used to synchronize some appointments between your Outlook, Lotus Notes and Google calendars.

Based on the Organizer control, you have the ability to create, modify, move or delete the appointments.
you also have the ability to classify the appointments by category and to link them to several external organizers.
Component: wd280mdl.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 17
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