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  • Overview of the control
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  • Describing a ".NET 2.0 control (WinForm)
  • Limitations
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Overview of the control
The ".NET 2.0 control (WinForm)" is used to easily manage the.NET controls in WinForm format (from.NET 2.0).
To use this control, we strongly advise you to check the Microsoft documentation.
To create a ".NET 2.0 control (WinForm)":
  1. In the window editor, click (or select "Insert .. Control .. NET 2.0 control (WinForm")).On the "Creation" pane, in the "Other controls" group, click ".Net".
  2. Click the position where the control will be created in the window. The control appears in creation mode.
To display the control characteristics, select "Description" from the popup menu of control.
Note: WINDEV also proposes to use the .Net controls using the WPF format. See .Net control (WPF) for more details.

Describing a ".NET 2.0 control (WinForm)

To define the characteristics of the control:
  1. Display the description window of control.
  2. In the "General" tab, select the assembly used and the associated class. The "Add .NET assemblies into the project" button is used to include the necessary assemblies. You can use:
    • A custom .Net assembly
    • A .Net assembly supplied with the .Net framework.
Then, the control can be handled by programming. See Programming a ".NET 2.0 control (WinForm)" for more details.


The limitations of the ".NET 2.0 control (WinForm)" are as follows:
  • The .Net framework version 2.0 (or later) must be installed on the computer. This framework is included in Vista and it can be downloaded for Windows XP (from the Microsoft site).
    The first use of a control that requires this framework (Carousel control, Cube control, ".NET 3.0, 4.0, ... control (WPF)") loads this framework, which may cause delay (out of our control).
  • The application cannot be started from the network.
  • The DDW feature is disabled for all the windows containing a ".NET 2.0 control (WinForm)".
  • This control does not operate under TSE.
  • This control uses the wdxxxnet.dll library. This library cannot be renamed when creating the executable.
Minimum version required
  • Version 16
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