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Stored procedures
Triggers the tracking of a file. In case of file modification, a specific procedure is run in a thread.
// Name of file to track
sFileName is string = "C:\Temp\MyDir\MyFile.extension"
// The ProcessModification procedure will be called when the
// "C:\Temp\MyDir\MyFile.extension" file is modified.
IF fTrackFile(sFileName, fTrackFile_Callback, ...
ftCreateFile + ftModifyFile + ftDeleteFile +  ...
ftRename) THEN
// Inform the user that the file will be tracked
Info("The " + sFileName + " file will be tracked.")
// Inform the user that the file will not be tracked
Info("The " + sFileName + " file will not be tracked.")
// Code of the procedure
INTERNAL PROCEDURE fTrackFile_Callback(sFullName, sFileName, nAction, sOldFileName)
sActionDesignation is string
// The designation of the action depends on nAction
SWITCH nAction
CASE ftCreateFile: sActionDesignation = "Creating files"
CASE ftDeleteFile: sActionDesignation = "Deleting files"
CASE ftModifyFile: sActionDesignation = "Modifying files"
CASE ftRename: sActionDesignation = "Renaming files"
// Add a line containing the information about the modification
// in the TABLE_MODIFICATIONS control
TableAddLine(TABLE_MODIFICATIONS, sFullName, sFileName, ...
sActionDesignation, sOldFileName)
<Result> = fTrackFile(<File to track> , <WLanguage procedure> [, <Modifications to notify>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the tracking of the file is enabled,
  • False otherwise. To get the details of the error, use ErrorInfo.
<File to track>: Character string (with quotes)
Full name of the file to track.
<WLanguage procedure>: Procedure name
Name of the WLanguage procedure ("callback" procedure) that will be called when a change is detected in the specified file.
For more details on this procedure, see Parameters of the procedure used by fTrackFile.
<Modifications to notify>: Optional Integer constant (or combination of constants)
Modifications performed in the file to track and for which the procedure must be run:
ftCreateFileThe <Name of modified file> file was created.
ftModifyFileThe <Name of modified file> file was modified.
ftRenameThe <Name of modified file> file was renamed.
ftDeleteFileThe <Name of modified file> file was deleted.
ftAllAll the possible actions will be tracked. Corresponds to ftCreateFile + ftModifyFile + ftRename + ftDeleteFile.

Special cases

  • To stop tracking the file, use fTrackStop and fTrackStopAll.
  • To track the modifications performed on the content of a directory, use fTrackDirectory.
  • Limitations:
    • Only 5 files can be tracked at the same time.
    • You cannot track a file found at the root of a disk (for performance reasons).

WLanguage procedure

The WLanguage procedure is run in a WLanguage thread.
Caution: The following processes cannot be run in the threads:
See Managing threads for more details.
Component: wd260std.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 18
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