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Stored procedures
From version 22 (52), the new projects created with WINDEV Mobile and using the Push notifications are exclusively using the Firebase platform to manage the Push notifications. See Push notification: Android configuration (Firebase) for more details.
To use the Push notifications in Android, you must own a Google account and you must perform a specific configuration.
This help page presents the different operations to perform.
The different steps
The different steps are as follows:
1. Creating a Google API Project
  • From the browser, open the Google API console.
  • Authentify yourself by using a Google account.
  • Create a new "API Project" or use an existing project.
2. Retrieving the Google API project number
  • Retrieve the Google API project number:
    1. Display the information about your current project.
    2. In the window that is displayed, copy the number:
  • This number must be specified in the wizard for generating the Android application.
3. Generating an "API key"
  • In a browser, go to https://developers.google.com/mobile/add?platform=android&cntapi=gcm
  • Select the project that was created during the previous step.
  • Specify the package name of the application (defined in the Android generation wizard).
  • Click "Choose and configure services".
  • Click "Enable Google Cloud Messaging".
  • Retrieve the API key number (server API Key). This key number must be passed in parameter to NotifPushSend. Then, this key appears in the list of project keys ion the developer console.
Minimum version required
  • Version 19
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