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  • Rights required to retrieve a backup
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Stored procedures
Retrieves locally the content of a compressed backup (in ZIP format) performed on an HFSQL server.
// Describe the connection
MyConnection is Connection
HRetrieveBackup(MyConnection, BackupID, "C:\temp\", PROGBAR_Progress)
<Result> = HRetrieveBackup(<Connection> , <Backup> , <Destination file> [, <Progress Bar>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the backup was retrieved,
  • False if a problem occurs. HErrorInfo is used to identify the error.
<Connection>: Character string or Connection variable
Connection to the server that contains the backup to retrieve. This connection corresponds to:
<Backup>: Integer or character string
Backup to retrieve. Can correspond to:
  • Backup identifier. This identifier can correspond to the identifier of full backup or to the identifier of differential backup.
    During an immediate backup, this identifier is returned by HBackup. This identifier can also be returned by HInfoBackup.
    In a scheduled backup, this identifier corresponds to the Identifier property of the hBackupDescription variable.
  • Path and name of backup. This name was specified during the backup. This name can also be returned by HInfoBackup. If this name corresponds to a relative path, the backup will be sought in the "Backup" subdirectory of HFSQL server. To specify the directory of Manta service, simply use "%%EXE%%".
<Destination file>: Character string
Path and name of local file in which the backup will be retrieved.
In the case of a full backup, the destination file is a zip file (the ".zip" extension must be specified in the file name.
<Progress Bar>: Optional control name, optional window name or optional integer
  • Name of the window where the progress bar will be displayed or name of the Progress Bar control.
  • Handle of the window that displays the progress bar.
WEBDEV - Server code This parameter is ignored.

Rights required to retrieve a backup

To retrieve a backup, the user or the group must have the rights to perform backups (hRightsBackup constant). These rights apply to the servers and to the databases. For example, to perform a full server backup, you must have the rights to perform backups at server level.
To find out whether these rights are granted to a user or to a group, use HInfoServerRights or HInfoDatabaseRights.
To modify the rights granted to a user or to a group of users, use HModifyServerRights or HModifyDatabaseRights.
Component: wd290hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 22
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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