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  • Closing data files
  • Example for handling the data files installed locally and remotely
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Stored procedures
<Source>.SetRemoteAccess (Function)
In french: <Source>.GèreAccèsDistant
HFSQLHFSQL Client/ServerAvailable only with these kinds of connection
Temporarily disables the remote access in order to access HFSQL Classic data files found locally. By default, the remote access is automatically managed as soon as a remote analysis is opened by HOpenAnalysis.
Caution: The use of this function is reserved to experienced developers. <Source>.SetRemoteAccess applies to the HFSQL data files only. Remark: From version 19, HFSQL is the new name of HyperFileSQL.
Customer.SetRemoteAccess(True) // The following HFSQL commands will be performed remotely
Customer.Open() // Open a remote file
Orders.SetRemoteAccess(False) // The Orders data file becomes local
Customer.ReadFirst() // Read the first record remotely
Orders.ReadFirst() // Read the first record locally
<Former mode> = <Source>.SetRemoteAccess(<Management mode>)
<Former mode>: Boolean
  • True if the remote access was managed before the call to <Source>.SetRemoteAccess,
  • False if the remote access was not managed before the call to <Source>.SetRemoteAccess.
<Source>: Type corresponding to the specified source
Name of data file used. Used to enable (or not) the management of remote access for a single data file.
<Management mode>: Boolean
  • False to temporarily disable the management of remote access,
  • True to re-enable the management of remote access.

Closing data files

Temporarily disabling the management of remote access does not close the data files used locally or remotely.

Example for handling the data files installed locally and remotely

  • Opening a remote analysis with HOpenAnalysis. The management of the remote access is enabled.
  • Opening the remote RPCFile data file with <Source>.Open.
  • Browsing the remote RPCFile data file.
  • Temporarily disabling the remote access with <Source>.SetRemoteAccess.
  • Opening the local LocalFile data file with <Source>.Open.
  • Browsing the local LocalFile data file.
  • Re-enabling the remote access with <Source>.SetRemoteAccess.
  • The following data files are accessible:
    • Local LocalFile file,
    • Remote RPCFile file.
Component : wd250hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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