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Stored procedures
Converts the coordinates of a rectangle in the Image control to the corresponding coordinates in the image displayed in the control. This function is used to match the coordinates in the Image control with the coordinates in the source image.
New in version 28
Android This function is now available for Android applications.
// Load image for OCR
ImageForOCR is Image = dLoadImage(MyImage)
// Display a thumbnail of the image in the control.
IMG_Thumbnail = ImageForOCR
// (Interactive) selection of the area on which to perform OCR.
// ...
// Convert selected coordinates to coordinates in the source image
let ImageSelection = CoordinateImageControlToImage(IMG_Thumbnail, ImageControlSelection)
// Perform OCR on the source image (= without quality loss) with this rectangle
let sText = OCRExtractText(ImageForOCR, ImageSelection)
<Result> = CoordinateImageControlToImage(<Image control> , <Coordinates to convert>)
<Result>: Rectangle variable
Rectangle variable that corresponds to the rectangle in relation to the displayed image.
<Image control>: Control name
Image control used.
<Coordinates to convert>: Rectangle variable
Name of the Rectangle variable that corresponds to the rectangle in relation to the Image control.
  • The conversion takes into account the display mode of the image.
  • The function is ignored if the displayed image is repeated.
Business / UI classification: UI Code
Component: wd280obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 26
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Last update: 01/11/2023

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