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  • Characteristics of a cell in a status bar
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Stored procedures
When describing a status bar in the window editor, you have the ability to specify the type of information that will be displayed in each cell of the status bar.
Type of cell in the status bar
You have the ability to display:
  • The progress bar displayed by Gauge.
  • The help message associated with the control with focus (help message defined in the "Help" tab of the control or by programming with ..Message).
  • The date of current computer
  • The time of current computer
  • The position of the cursor in the current edit control ("Column and row of caret").
  • The status of the [Caps Lock] key indicating whether the Caps Lock key is enabled or not.
  • Status of the [INS] key indicating whether the [Insert] key is enabled or not.
  • The name of the current user in an application that is using the user groupware.
Two specific options are also available:
  • By programming: The information displayed in the status bar is specified by programming (Message for example).
  • Update process: The "Whenever updated" process is automatically associated with the cell of status bar. This process is run on a regular basis. This process can contain the elements that will be displayed in the cell for example.
Characteristics of a cell in a status bar
The description window of status bar also allows you to define the display characteristics of cells found in the status bar:
  • The position of the cell in the status bar.
  • The background image of the cell.
  • The background color of the cell.
  • The width of the cell.
  • Whether the cell is editable.
  • The anchor of the cell (its operating mode when resizing the window).
All these characteristics can be handled by programming via the properties available for the cells of the status bars.
Minimum required version
  • Version 9
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