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Stored procedures
Interactions between a Flash® animation and WEBDEV
A Flash® animation can be used to display information in the controls of a WEBDEV page.
A simple modification of the Flash® animation is required.
How to?
WEBDEV - Server codeWindows

Modification to perform in the Flash® animation

  1. Add a global variable. This global variable will contain the name of the WEBDEV control to modify.
  2. Modify the "OnRelease" code to assign the control according to the name of the variable.
  3. Publish the Flash® animation.
WEBDEV - Browser codeWindows

Modification to perform in the WEBDEV page

  1. Associate the Flash® animation with the Flash control. This control must be dynamic.
  2. In the "Details" tab of the description window of the Flash control, check "Control accessible from Javascript".
  3. Insert the following code into the load code of the page:
// Retrieves the alias of FLASH_FlashControl
sFlash is string = FLASH_FlashControl..Alias
// Retrieves the alias of the edit control
sEdit is string = EDT_EditControl..Alias
// Initializes the variables of the Flash animation
InitFlash(sFlash, sEdit)
The InitFlash procedure is a JavaScript procedure (and not in WLanguage code). The code of this procedure is as follows:
FUNCTION InitFlash(sFlash, sEdit)
// call SetVariable on the Flash control
// document.<Page Name>.<Name of Flash Control>.SetVariable(<Name of Flash Variable>,
// <Name of the control alias );
eval("document.THEPAGE." + sFlash).SetVariable("gsControlName", sEdit);
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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