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WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile propose two types of masks:
  • the input masks that define the characters that can be typed in the controls found in a window or in a page. Sometimes, these masks can also be used to modify the case (uppercase/lowercase characters) of the values assigned to the window controls or to the page controls through programming.
  • the display masks that define the characters that can be:
    • WINDEVWINDEV Mobile displayed in the window controls.
    • printed in the report controls.
Default display masks
By default, when creating a Time control:
  • the "Time defined by the project" input mask is selected: the information defined in the parameters for managing the times for the project is automatically taken into account. Reminder: These parameters are defined for each language in the "Languages" tab of project description:
    1. On the "Project" tab, in the "Project" group, click "Description".
    2. Select the "Languages" tab then the "Time" tab.
    3. The format used corresponds to:
      • the settings of the operating system,
      • the specified parameters.
  • WINDEVWINDEV Mobile the "Same mask as the input" display mask is selected.
  • In a report, when creating a preset Date control, the wizard allows you to select the display format of the control.
  • A list of preset masks is proposed in the description window of the control. You can:
    • select a preset mask.
    • create a custom mask.
Preset masks
The following masks are proposed (in the order in which they appear in the window editor, page editor or report editor):
  • 'HH:MM'
  • 'HH:MM:SS'
  • 'HH:MM:SS:CC'
  • 'HH:MM:SS AM': used to manage the time in AM/PM format.
  • the system time. The system time depends on the input mask selected in the regional system parameters ("Regional options" in the control panel).
WEBDEV - Server codeWEBDEV - Browser code

Additional masks

In WEBDEV, you also have the ability to select HTML 5 input masks. These input masks allow you to use the HTML 5 checks to validate the input.
Caution: These masks are not supported by all browsers and they may behave differently depending on the browser used.
The following HTML 5 input masks are available:
Selected maskPurposeEffects during the input in the control
Time (HTML5)Enter a time in HH:MM format
  • Internet Explorer 9: Not supported.
  • Internet Explorer 11: Not supported.
  • Edge 38: Control with a spin used to automatically modify the time.
    When validating the form, if the entered value is incorrect, a message asking you to a enter correct value is displayed.
  • FireFox 5: Not supported.
  • Chrome 12: Control with a spin used to automatically modify the time.
    When validating the form, if the entered value is incorrect, a tooltip asking you to enter a correct value is displayed. The focus is set on the control.
  • Opera 11.11: Control with a spin used to automatically modify the time.
  • Safari 5: When validating the form, if the entered value is incorrect, the focus is set on the control.
Custom input masks
The following elements can be used to define a custom mask:
  • 'HH' (hour)
  • 'MM' (minutes)
  • 'SS' (seconds)
  • 'CC' (hundredths of a second)
These masks can be combined. For example: The 'It is HH Hour(s) MM Minute(s)' will give a result in the following format: "It is 10 Hour(s) 26 Minute(s)".
WEBDEV - Server code The custom input masks are managed in read-only: they are not available when the Web user performs an input in the control.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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