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2. WINDEV, WEBDEV, WINDEV Mobile: a 100% compatible format
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The created projects are often multi-target projects.
For example, for an ERP system intended to operate in Windows, it is very likely that beside the main application, which will be the backbone of the solution, there will be sales people equipped with PDAs or Smartphones, stores that will use mobile devices to manage inventories and that Intranet and Internet sites will be implemented.
All elements, excluding the UI (pages and windows), are 100% compatible and sharable between WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile projects.
Indeed, the sets of procedures or the classes can be shared between several projects for example.
Regardless of the product used to create a project, it can be opened by the other products.
When a project is opened in a product other than the one that was used to create it, a wizard is displayed, allowing you to create a project configuration specific to the product used.
For example, if a WINDEV project is opened by WEBDEV, you will have the ability to create a project configuration named "Site", used to group all the elements required by the WEBDEV site.
You now have the ability to view the elements of each target from each environment. A project in WINDEV displays the thumbnails of the WEBDEV pages and the WINDEV Mobile windows for example. Clicking a WEBDEV page from the WINDEV project editor opens the WEBDEV page (WEBDEV must be installed on the computer).

Remark: If you own WINDEV and WINDEV Mobile, you have the ability to handle the WINDEV Mobile configurations in WINDEV. You have the ability to open the mobile windows, to modify them, to check them, ...
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