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In which order should the guides be read?
WINDEV Mobile is a powerful tool used to develop applications for Android, iPhone and iPad, Universal Windows 10 (phone, tablet and PC) and Windows Mobile ; it is supplied with all tools required for creating and implementing applications.
To quickly and efficiently learn how to use WINDEV Mobile, we recommend that you proceed in the following order:
Reading the "Concepts".
This guide presents the main concepts required for creating a WINDEV Mobile application.
"Tutorial" (book + exercises)
The tutorial provides a first "practical" approach of WINDEV Mobile. It allows you to familiarize yourself with the main editors of WINDEV Mobile.
Test of examples
Run the test of examples supplied with WINDEV Mobile in the fields you are interested in.

The online help, accessible by Internet from http://doc.windev.com or installed with WINDEV Mobile, allows you to quickly find the syntax of a WLanguage function, to get help about the interface, ... For each programming theme, you will find a description of the associated feature and the list of corresponding WLanguage functions.
Note: If a difference exists between the guides and the online help, follow the instructions given in the online help.
We hope you enjoy getting started with WINDEV Mobile.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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