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13. The different types of standard controls
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You want to...Use...
Display a text, a title, ...
Static control
Propose a caption with a specific layout (images, links, ...).Rich Text Area control
Define a color area.Cell control,
HTML table
Display a price, a quantity, an address, a date, a time, ...Formatted display control
Select a value from a list (country, city, color, ...).
Radio Button control,
Combo Box control,
List Box control
Select several values from a list (message recipients, files to download, etc.).Check Box control,
List Box control
Display an animation (animated Gif).Image control
Display a page according to the area that was clicked in an image.Clickable Image control
Display a Flash animation.Flash control
Use existing HTML code.HTML control
Display a graphic image (photo, ...).
Image control,
Clickable Image control
Use a Java applet (clock, ...).Java control
Display the file content in a table (list of customers, order details, ...).Browsing Table control or memory Table control,
Browsing Looper control or memory Looper control
Display an image refreshed on a regular basis.Web Camera control
Repeat controls in a page (product catalog with photo, ...).
Looper control
Type information.
Edit control
Display information in hierarchical order (directory content, etc.).TreeView control
Align controls (HTML table).Cell control, HTML Table
Program an action in a page (display a page, validate an input, ...).Button control,
Link control
Display a video.Video control
Display a page from another site in one of your pages.IFrame control
Select and display a date on a calendar.
Calendar control
Display the appointments in scheduler or organizer format.
Scheduler control,
Organizer control
Display a Column chart, a Line chart, a Pie chart.
Chart control
Display a page from your site inside one of your pages.Internal page
Display an automatic menu (that is built while the site is browsed).Breadcrumb control
Allow the Internet user to give or view a rate.
Rating control
Display thumbnails.Thumbnail control
Display a set of images in gallery format.Gallery Looper control
Display Flex files.Flex control
Include SilverLight controls.SilverLight control
Expand/Collapse a display areaDrawer control
Upload one or more files.
Upload control
Display several contents successively.Sliding Banner control
Display the dashboard displaying various information in thumbnail format.
Dashboard control
Display a list of objects as a scrolling horizontal list.Linear Looper control
Use external resources available on Internet (Angular JS components, Bootstrap snippets, ...).Web Component control
Create a visual effect in a page by presenting an image partially covered by another one.Peeling Corner control
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