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Stored procedures
In most cases, old code contains procedures that are used but that do no longer match the current quality standard.
In this case, a new procedure version is created, with different parameters.
As all the existing calls cannot be modified straightaway, you have the ability to indicate that the former version becomes a zombie procedure.
In this case:
  • When recompiling the project, a warning is used to indicate all the calls to the zombie procedure.
  • Whenever the zombie procedure is used, a specific logo is displayed beside the call during 10 seconds and a compilation warning is generated.
  • The zombie procedure appears grayed out and struck through in the "Project explorer" pane.
How to?
To indicate that a procedure is a zombie procedure, the procedure declaration must be followed by the <Zombie> attribute extension.

The syntax is as follows:
PROCEDURE <Procedure name>(<Parameters>) <zombie [comment = "text"]> [: <Type of return>]
PROCEDURE <Procedure name>() <zombie [comment = "text"]> [: <Type of return>]

In these syntaxes, the optional comment keyword is used to specify the text that will be displayed in the compilation error associated with the obsolete procedure.


  • Code of the procedure:
    PROCÉDURE AddTreeView(sNode, sMonth, sImageDate, sImage)<zombie comment = "use AjFull">
    // Check to find out whether the year exists
    IF TreeStatus(TreeCommand, sNode) = tvError THEN
    // it does not exist, create it with all the months
    TreeAdd(TreeCommand, sNode, sImageDate, sImageDate, "", tvLast)
  • The zombie procedure appears grayed out and struck through in the "Project explorer" pane (when the element is recompiled).
  • When typing the call to the function, a specific icon will be displayed during 10 seconds :
    and a compilation error containing the comment will be displayed:
Minimum version required
  • Version 23
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Last update: 01/09/2023

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