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  • Creating a today screen
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  • Let's see some tips for developing your Today Screen:
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From version 17, this feature is no longer available.
You want to display a WINDEV Mobile window on the home screen of a Pocket PC? All you have to do is generate a "Today screen" (element of the home screen of Pocket PC). This feature allows you to display real-time information such as stock market, sales, customers to contact, ...
The principle is straightforward: all you have to do is define in your application the window that will be displayed in the home screen. You also have the ability to propose a window for configuring the "Today Screen". Then, WINDEV Mobile creates the necessary files and installs them on the Pocket PC.
Limitations: The "Today Screen" is only available for Pocket PCs that use ARM and x86 processors.
How to proceed?

Creating a today screen

To create a today screen:
  1. In a WINDEV Mobile project, create:
    • the window used for the "Today Screen" (and the windows displayed by the "Today Screen" if necessary).
    • the window for configuring the "Today Screen" (if necessary).
  2. Select "Workshop .. Today Screen .. Generate a Today Screen".
  3. WINDEV Mobile proposes to create a new project configuration. We advise you to accept. Indeed, the project configurations are used to group and find the elements used by a specific mode of generation. See Configuration of projects for more details.
  4. When creating the project configuration, specify:
    • The name and description of the "Today Screen" configuration.
    • The elements to include (especially the windows specific to the "Today Screen").
  5. The wizard for creating a "Today Screen" starts. Specify:
    • The main window used for the "Today Screen".
    • The window for the "Today Screen" options (if it exists).
    • The elements to include in the library.
    • The project languages to include in the library.
    • The components used.
    • The version information (company, description, etc.).
    • The tasks and incidents corresponding to this version of "Today Screen" (if necessary).
    • The mode for using the PC SOFT framework.
    • Whether a backup must be performed (recommended).
  6. The Today Screen is automatically created.

Installing a today screen

To install a today screen:
  1. Open (if necessary) the WINDEV Mobile project containing the Today Screen.
  2. Select "Workshop .. Today Screen .. Create the setup procedure of a Today Screen".
  3. WINDEV Mobile proposes to create the Today Screen. If you have already generated the files corresponding to the Today Screen, you can skip this step by clicking the "2 Setup" caption in the wizard (on the left of the screen).
  4. When creating the setup, specify:
    • The provider and the name of the application.
    • The format of the setup: format for Active Sync or CAB format for a direct setup on the Pocket PC.
    • The setup directory.
    • The files to install and the framework. The files corresponding to the Today Screen are selected by default.
    • The additional modules to install.
    • The directory for generating the setup.
  5. Validate. The setup is created.

Enabling a today screen

To enable a today screen:
  1. Select "Start .. Parameters .. Today .. Elements".
  2. Check "Pocket TodayScreen".
  3. Validate.
Remark: Several Today Screen created with WINDEV Mobile can be installed and used simultaneously on the same Pocket PC.

Let's see some tips for developing your Today Screen:

  • The initialization code of the project will be automatically loaded when your "Today Screen" is run. This event must not contain any code to open a window.
  • The Pocket PC must be reset if a load problem occurs (error in the initialization code of the project for instance). The Today Screen will be automatically disabled during the reset.
  • The window that makes up the "Today Screen" can open one or more windows (via buttons for example).
  • The following code allows you to make the "Today Screen" window transparent:
    MyWindow..BrushColor = iTransparent

    Caution: check the styles used according to the themes available on the Pocket PC.
  • Avoid using Close in the main window of Today Screen. Indeed, the location of the Today Screen will remain visible.
  • The height of the Today Screen window can be modified at run time by ..Height.
  • The window for configuring the Today Screen is a standard window, with a Close button used to validate the choices.
  • The position of the Today Screen is configured on the Pocket PC (in the "Today" setting). If the window used for the Today Screen is too large, it will extend beyond the screen. You have the ability to create Today Screen that covers the entire screen when the Pocket PC is started: the Today Screen becomes the dashboard of the Pocket PC.
Minimum version required
  • Version 11
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