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Stored procedures
Two tools can be used to create a setup program:
  • the setup program creation wizard: This wizard allows you to quickly configure the setup program.
    • From WINDEV: on the "Project" tab, in the "Generation" group, expand "Setup procedure" and select "Create setup procedure"
    • From the setup editor (WDInst): "File .. New".
  • the setup editor (WDInst): on the "Tools" tab, in the "Utilities" group, click "WDInst". This editor proposes several advanced options for configuring the setup program.
Configuring the setup program
The table below presents all the operations that can be performed when creating a setup program.
Setup program creation wizardSetup editor WDInstOptions selected by default
Selecting the type of setup to createXXStandard setup (single-user).
Select the languages available during the setupXX"French" and "English (US)" languages.
Select the files to installXXAutomatic selection of the files found in the "EXE" directory of the project.
Associate the files to install with groupsXNo group of files.
Creation of componentsXNo component.
All the selected files will be installed.
Advanced configuration of files (compression)XAutomatic compression of each file.
Managing a tree structure of subdirectories in the setup directoryXFiles installed in the setup directory chosen by the user.
Selecting the setup computers (network setup) for each fileXXStandard setup (single-user) by default. No network management.
Configuring the management of file collisions (application update)XAutomatic replacement of existing files in the setup directory.
Configuring the backup of existing files (application update)XThe backup of the replaced files is automatically proposed to the users.
Creating shortcuts for the application executablesXXShortcuts of the executables created in the "Start" menu and on the desktop.
Creating shortcuts for the files to installXOnly the shortcuts of the executables are created.
Customize the interface of the setup programXXDefault style (blue background).
Using a custom setup programXStandard setup program.
Configuring an "autorun" (setup on CD only)XNo "autorun".
Display a licenseXXNo license.
Display a "ReadMe" fileXXNo 'Readme" file.
Displaying a summary of the setupXSummary of the setup displayed.
Displaying slides during the setupXNo slide.
Configuring the automatic data modification (application update)XXAutomatic modification of data files performed if necessary.
Selecting additional programs and external tools (MDAC, WDLog, etc.)XXHFSQL optimizer installed if the application is associated with an HFSQL database.
Installing the uninstallerXXNo uninstaller.
Starting the application at the end of the setupXXThe wizard starts the application at the end of the setup.
Modifications performed on the system of the user computers ("AutoExec.BAT", registry, ...)XXNo modification is performed.
Customizing the path of data files during setupXXSetup path not modifiable.
Customizing the path of the files for the User Groupware during the setupXXSetup path not modifiable.
Choose the setup mediaXXSetup generated in the "Install" subdirectory of the application to deploy.
Configuring the advanced options of network setup (modification history, parameters of the options for remote control, etc.)XXStandard setup (single-user) by default. No network management.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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