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Stored procedures
The "WBSetup" project corresponds to the standard setup program of WEBDEV sites. This project is a WINDEV project.
This project supports French and English (US) by default.
Remark: You have the ability to add into this project all the features that are useful to you when installing a WEBDEV site.
Managing additional languages in WBSetup
To manage additional languages in WBSetup:
  1. Open this project in WINDEV: click Open among the quick access buttons and select "Open a project".
    By default, this project is found in the "Examples\WBSetup" directory of the setup directory of WINDEV.
  2. Close all the windows opened in the window editor.
  3. Add the additional languages into the project description:
    • on the "Project" pane, in the "Project" group, click "Description".
    • in the "Languages" tab, add the necessary languages.
  4. Translate the interface of the project (windows, controls, and so on) as well as the code messages.
    Reminder: WDMSG is used to simplify the translation of a project by checking out all the project messages (control captions, window titles, ...) and by checking them back in once they have been translated. WDMSG is an additional module of WINDEV. Contact PC SOFT Sales Department for more details about WDMSG.
  5. Create a new executable: click Generate among the quick access buttons and select "Generate the Windows 32-bit executable". In the wizard, don't forget to include the new languages in the executable.
    Remark: The executable can be renamed.
Caution: We advise you to rename the directory of custom WBSetup project. Therefore, when installing an upgraded version of WEBDEV, the custom WDSetup project will not be overwritten and all your modifications will be stored.
Using a custom WBSetup
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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