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Stored procedures
Window for quick selection
You are searching for a project element? You only know part of its name? Press Ctrl + E to open the quick selection window.
You will find it extremely useful.
How to?
The Ctrl + E shortcut can be used anywhere in the editor (window editor, page editor, report editor, ...). This shortcut automatically opens the quick selection window.
This window lists all the project elements, and it is used to select and display the desired element in the corresponding editor. There is a preview for each element, allowing you to quickly see if the proposed element corresponds to what you are looking for.
You are searching for a specific element containing the "Archive" word? Simply specify "Archive" in the search area. All the elements containing this word will be listed.
You are searching only for the elements containing the "WIN" and "Test" words? Simply enter "WIN*Test" or "WIN Test" in the search area. The "*" character can correspond to any character or to a set of characters.
The option "Find the subelements as well (controls, procedures, ...)" is used to enable or not the search in the subelements of the project. If this option is enabled, the search will also be performed in the controls, the procedures, ... Depending on the number of elements found in the project, this search may be quite long.
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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Last update: 07/03/2023

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