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Stored procedures
The Source Code Manager allows you to easily work in offline mode (or mobile mode).
This mode allows a developer who is using a laptop computer to continue to work on a project found in the SCM database while being disconnected from the SCM database.
The principle is straightforward:
  • before the physical disconnection, specify that you disconnect from the SCM. Before the disconnection, we advise you to check out the different elements that will be modified (therefore, these elements will be "already checked out" for the other users). You can work on your project locally. The different project elements can be handled directly.
  • after the physical reconnection, you reconnect to the SCM and you check in the modified elements.
Disconnecting from SCM
To work in offline mode (or mobile mode):
  1. Open the relevant project.
  2. Select "SCM .. Remote work .. Disconnect for a mobile use".On the "SCM" pane, in the "Other actions" group, expand "Remote work" and select "Disconnect for a mobile use".
  3. In the wizard, select "I want to disconnect from Source Code Manager" (Caution: this wizard is also used to disconnect from the shared database of control centers. Select the requested option for the Control Centers).
  4. In the next screen, you can:
    • View the elements currently checked out by yourself from the project. These elements cannot be modified by the other developers as long as you are disconnected from SCM.
    • Check out new elements (via the "Status of elements" button). The checked-out elements cannot be modified by the other developers as long as you are disconnected from the SCM.
    • Check in the checked-out elements: This option is used to avoid locking elements unnecessarily: to do so, check the elements that must be checked back in (via the "All without conflict", "All" and "None" buttons). These elements will be checked back in during the disconnection.
  5. The following details are displayed for the checked-out elements:
    • the modifications performed ("My Modif" button)
    • the history of operations ("History" button).
    • the properties ("Properties" button)
    • the comparison with the element found in the database.
  6. The disconnection is performed. The project is available locally on your computer. There is no link with the SCM. All the project elements are available and they can be modified.
Reconnecting to the SCM
To reconnect to the SCM:
  1. Select "SCM .. Remote work .. Reconnect and synchronize".On the "SCM" pane, in the "Other actions" group, expand "Remote work" and select "Reconnect and synchronize".
  2. In the wizard, select "I want to reconnect to the Source Code Manager".
  3. The following checks are performed during the reconnection:
    • The elements modified by the mobile developer must be checked out (only if these elements have not been checked out before the disconnection).
    • The new elements added by the mobile developer must be added into the SCM database.
During the reconnection:
  • The modifications performed by the other developers are not retrieved automatically. The project must be synchronized.
  • The modifications made to the checked-out elements are not carried over. To do so, you need to check in the elements that were checked out from the SCM database.
Minimum required version
  • Version 10
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