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Stored procedures
The FontLarge property sets the spacing between characters. You can:
  • Determine if the text is expanded.
  • Expand the text.
WLanguage supports the following character spacing options:
  • Normal: character spacing is normal.
  • Condensed: character spacing is reduced (FontCondensed property).
  • Extended: character spacing is increased (FontExtended property).
  • Large: character spacing is increased to the maximum (FontLarge property).
// Enlarge the characters in the text displayed in "STC_StaticControl"
STC_StaticControl.FontLarge = True

Determining if the text displayed in a control is expanded Hide the details

<Result> = <Control used>.FontLarge
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the characters in a text are enlarged,
  • False otherwise.
<Control used>: Control name
Name of the control (Static or Calculated control) to be used.

Expanding the text displayed in a control Hide the details

<Control used>.FontLarge = <Enlarged/Not Enlarged>
<Control used>: Control name
Name of the control (Static or Calculated control) to be used.
<Enlarged/Not Enlarged>: Boolean
  • True if the text must be expanded,
  • False otherwise.

Font variable

If identical fonts (same size, attributes, etc.) must be applied to multiple controls, it is recommended to use a Font variable.
A font can be created from a Font variable.
To define the font characteristics, use:
This font can be used:

Fonts used by the print functions

To create a font that can be used by the print functions (iPrintBlock, iPrintWord, etc.), use:


In a report, the FontLarge property can only be used on:
  • a Static control.
  • a URL Link control.
  • a Calculated control.
  • a preset control.
In a window, the FontLarge property cannot be used on:
  • a Spin control,
  • a Web Camera control,
  • a Conference control.
Remark: This property only applies to ListView controls in standard "List Box" display mode.
Android The FontLarge property is not available on table columns.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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