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Stored procedures
The Property Option allows you to set the display of an Bar Code control.
// Store the control options and don't display the text
BCOD_BarCode1.Option = BinaryOR(BCOD_BarCode1.Option, BC_NoText)
<Bar Code control>.Option = <Control characteristics>
<Bar Code control>: Control name
Name of Bar Code control to use.
<Control characteristics>: Integer constant (or combination of constants)
Characteristics of the control:
BC_BottomBar code located at the bottom of destination rectangle
BC_ControlDigitsBar code containing control characters (valid for the BC_CODE128, BC_DATAMATRIX, BC_EAN128, BC_GS1-128 and BC_PDF417 bar codes only).
By default, the control characters are enclosed between the "<" and ">" characters. In order for these characters not to be interpreted as control characters, they must be doubled.
See The different types of bar codes for more details.
BC_CheckDigitsBar code containing check characters (valid for the BC_CODE128, BC_DATAMATRIX, BC_EAN128, BC_GS1-128 and BC_PDF417 bar codes only).
If this option is selected, the BC_ControlDigits and BC_Charsets constants are automatically taken into account.
BC_CenterHBar code centered horizontally in the destination rectangle.
BC_CenterVBar code centered vertically in the destination rectangle.
BC_RightBar code aligned to right in the destination rectangle.
BC_ExtendedExtended bar code (valid for the BC_CODE39 and BC_CODE93 bar codes only).
Versions 18 and later
New in version 18
Formats the text displayed for the EAN 128 or GS1-128 bar codes: brackets are added around AIs in the printed text.
BC_LeftBar code aligned to left in the destination rectangle.
BC_TopBar code located at the top of destination rectangle.
BC_IgnoreFormattingIgnores the brackets found in a 128, EAN-128 or GS1-128 bar code (valid for the BC_CODE128, BC_EAN128 and CB_GS1_128 bar codes only).
The brackets allow the users to easily read the bar code but they are not drawn in the code.
BC_CharsetsBar code that uses one or more sets of characters in order to compress the bar code. This set of characters must be defined in the value of bar code.
See The different types of bar codes for more details.
BC_NotProportionalAdjusts the bar code to the size of destination rectangle.
BC_NoTextDisplays no text below the bar code (valid for the BC_UPCA, BC_UPCB, BC_EAN13 and BC_EAN8 bar codes only).
BC_TextDisplays the text below the bar code.
The text is normalized for the BC_UPCA, BC_UPCE, BC_EAN13 and BC_EAN8 bar codes.
For the other types of bar codes, the text can exceed the display border of bar code.
BC_CheckBar code with check characters (valid for the BC_CODE39, BC_CODE93, BC_INTER2OF5 and BC_CODABAR bar codes only).
BC_VerticalDisplays the bar code vertically.
BC_90Displays the bar code vertically.
BC_180Displays the bar code with a 180-degree rotation.
BC_270Displays the bar code with a 270-degree rotation.
Minimum version required
  • Version 11
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