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Stored procedures
Charset (Property)
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HFSQLHFSQL Client/ServerAvailable only with these kinds of connection
Use with a Font variable
The Charset property is used to:
  • Get the character set used by a variable of type Font.
  • Change the character set used by a variable of type Font.
Use with HFSQL data files
The Charset property gets the character set used by an HFSQL data file. This character set is selected with ChangeCharset and taken into account when creating the data file. This property is read-only.
Reminder: By default, data files use the ANSI character set. To change the character set of a data file, you must:
// Example with a Font variable
// Define the font characteristics
Font1 is Font
Font1.Name = "Arial"
Font1.Size = 14
Font1.SizeUnit = unitPoint
Font1.Orientation = 45
Font1.Charset = charsetRussian
// Apply the font to "MyControl"
MyControl.Font = Font1
// Example with the HFSQL data files
FileLanguage is int = Customer.Charset
// Changes the character set according to the data file format
SWITCH FileLanguage
CASE charsetArabic: ChangeCharset(charsetArabic)
CASE charsetDefault: ChangeCharset(charsetDefault)
CASE charsetGreek: ChangeCharset(charsetGreek)
CASE charsetHebrew: ChangeCharset(charsetHebrew)
CASE charsetOccidental: ChangeCharset(charsetOccidental)
CASE charsetRussian: ChangeCharset(charsetRussian)
CASE charsetTurkish: ChangeCharset(charsetTurkish)
// Switch to western character set

Getting the character set used by an HFSQL data file Hide the details

<Data file charset> = <Data file>.Charset
<Data file charset>: Integer constant
Type of character set used by the specified data file:
charsetAnsiRoman characters in ANSI standard
charsetArabicArabic characters
charsetBalticBaltic characters
charsetChineseChinese characters (People's Republic of China)
charsetTraditionalChineseTraditional Chinese characters (Republic of Taiwan)
charsetKoreanKorean characters
charsetCurrentCurrent character set specified with ChangeCharset
charsetDefaultDefault character set of the current computer. No character set is forced.
charsetEastEuropeEastern European character sets (Polish, etc.)
charsetGreekGreek characters
charsetHebrewHebrew characters
charsetJapaneseJapanese characters
charsetMacMac Roman character set (used in previous versions of Macintosh).
charsetOccidentalRoman characters in ANSI standard
charsetRussianRussian characters
charsetThaiThai characters
charsetTurkishTurkish characters
charsetVietnameseVietnamese characters
<Data file>: Character string
Logical name of the HFSQL data file to use.

Changing the character set

When changing the character set, the fonts that use the new character set must be installed on the current computer.
Remark: To change the character set for all fonts in a single operation, use ChangeCharset.

Font variable

A font can be created from a Font variable.
To define the font characteristics, use:
This font can be used:
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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