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  • Sharing components and classes between WINDEV and WEBDEV
  • Running processes containing compilation errors
  • Availability of the function
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Stored procedures
InWebMode (Function)
In french: EnModeWeb
Indicates whether the current process is run:
  • from a WINDEV executable.
  • from the WEBDEV runtime engine (AWP).
Remark: For codes shared between a WINDEV application and a WEBDEV site (code of a class, component, etc.), this function allows you to identify the runtime mode and to start the appropriate process.
AndroidAndroid Widget JavaPHP This function has no effect in this version.
PHP InWebMode always returns True in simulation mode.
// Start mode?
IF InWebMode() = True THEN
// Process run from the runtime engine of WEBDEV:
// Call to the "WebSendPage" procedure
// Process run from a WINDEV executable
// Display a dialog box
Info("Action performed")
<Result> = InWebMode()
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the code is run by the runtime engine of WEBDEV,
  • False otherwise.
AndroidAndroid Widget JavaPHP This parameter always corresponds to False.

Sharing components and classes between WINDEV and WEBDEV

InWebMode allows you to easily share classes or components developed in WLanguage between a WEBDEV site and a WINDEV application. Depending on whether the application is run in Web mode or not, different functions can be used, specific to the current application.

Running processes containing compilation errors

By default, the security mechanism of WLanguage is triggered only if the line containing the compilation error is run.
For example, if a function not allowed in the current product is found in a loop (IF), the security mechanism of WLanguage will be triggered only if the line containing this function is run.

Availability of the function

InWebMode can be used in all IDEs to allow for cross-platform code. Functions or procedures that use InWebMode can be shared between several products without generating any compilation error.
Business / UI classification: Neutral code
Component: wd290dllexe.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 11/24/2022

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