• Changing the type of animation
  • Stopping or restarting an animation
  • Images that use an animated format
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Stored procedures
Changes the type of animation:
  • for an image in an Image control.
  • for a text in a Static control.
The parameters specific to the new type can be modified by AnimationSetParameter.
Java In this version, you can only change the type of animation used for a text in a Static control.
// Changes the animation of the IMG_Image1 control
IMG_Image1.Animation = True
AnimationSetMode(IMG_Image1, actScrolling)
// Change the animation parameters of a Static control
IMG_Image1.Animation = True
AnimationSetMode(STC_MyStatic, actBlinking)
AnimationSetParameter(STC_MyStatic, acpDuration, 100)
AnimationSetParameter(STC_MyStatic, acpColor, DarkBlue)
AnimationSetMode(<Control used> , <Type of animation>)
<Control used>: Control name
Name of the image control or static control to use.
<Type of animation>: Constant or character string
Animation to perform.
actBlinking (or "Blinking")The static is alternately displayed in its default color and in its flashing color.
actScrolling (or "Scrolling")The image (or the caption) is progressively displayed, from the right, from the left, ...
Java This constant can be used with the Static controls only.
actWinDevAnimation (or "Image to animate")The image is divided into several drawings. Each drawing is displayed successively, giving an illusion of video.
This constant can only be used with Image controls.
Java This constant is not available.

Changing the type of animation

If the new type corresponds to the current type, the parameters specific to this type are re-initialized with the default parameters.

Stopping or restarting an animation

The animation can be enabled or disabled with the Animation property.
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Images that use an animated format

AnimationSetMode has no effect on images that use an animated format. Therefore, for an image in animated GIF format, the parameters are read in the file and they cannot be modified.
Component: wd270obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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