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  • Mobile development environment
  • WLanguage functions
  • Database
  • Interaction with a WINDEV application
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Mobile development environment
WINDEV Mobile is a development environment for PC that allows you to develop:
  • Windows Mobile applications for Windows Mobile.
  • AndroidAndroid Widget applications for Android.
  • iPhone/iPad applications for iPhone/iPad.
  • Versions 21 and later
    applications in Universal Windows 10 App mode.
    New in version 21
    applications in Universal Windows 10 App mode.
    applications in Universal Windows 10 App mode.
Mobile development environment
Remark: The generated applications operate on mobile devices only (equipped with ARM, XScale, Samsung and ARM-compatible processors). These applications do not operate on PC.
WLanguage functions
Most of the WLanguage functions available in WINDEV are also available in WINDEV Mobile. These functions are common to the two products.
Only the functions specific to Windows are not available in WINDEV Mobile.
The following diagram presents the WLanguage functions that can be used according to the type of developed application:
WLanguage functions
The data handled by a WINDEV Mobile application can come from:
  • Universal Windows 10 AppWindows MobileAndroidiPhone/iPad a HFSQL Mobile Classic or HFSQL Client/Server database.
  • Windows Mobile an AS/400 database.
  • Windows Mobile a CEDB database (".CDB" files).
  • Android a SQLite database.
  • ".INI" files.
  • text files (in ANSI or UNICODE format).
  • Windows Mobile the registry.
For example, the Windows Mobile applications can handle the following data:

Data manipulated
Interaction with a WINDEV application
Windows Mobile The for accessing the Pocket PCs functions allow access to Pocket PCs from a standard WINDEV application..
Access to Pocket PCs
Related Examples:
PC Registry Windows (WINDEV Mobile): PC Registry
[ + ] This example presents the functions used to handle the registry of the Pocket PC.
The following topics are presented in this example:
1/ The ceRegistryXXX functions
2/ The connection to a Pocket PC
Summary of the example supplied with WINDEV Mobile:
This full example enables you to handle the registry of the Pocket PC:
- Displaying the keys and values of the registry while managing a cache
- Creating a key or a value
- Deleting a key
PC Explorer Windows (WINDEV Mobile): PC Explorer
[ + ] This example allows you to view files found in a Pocket PC.
It also allows you to copy files from your PC to you r Pocket PC and vice versa.
Main topics:
- the file management functions of a Pocket PC and a PC (copy, delete, create directory...)
- using a cache to optimize the display time
The Camera functions Unit examples (WINDEV Mobile): The Camera functions
[ + ] Using the WLanguage "Camera" functions to start the native video camera application of the device in order to record a video or to take a photo.
PC Beach Mobile Windows (WINDEV Mobile): PC Beach
[ + ] This example is used to manage the bookings for one or more private beaches.
Furthermore, this application is supplied with a Pocket PC application used to take the bookings.
A synchronization can be performed between the HFSQL data files found on the PC and the HFSQL Mobile data files found on the Pocket PC.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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