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Stored procedures
ActiveXEvent (Function)
In french: ActiveXEvénement
Associates a procedure written in WLanguage with an event of ActiveX control.
Once ActiveXEvent has been run, the procedure will be run whenever the selected event is triggered.
// -- Initialization of the ActiveX control AX_AVIReader
ActiveXEvent("My_Procedure", AX_AVIReader, "OnClick")
// -- Procedure My_Procedure
PROCEDURE My_Procedure(XCoord, YCoord)
Info("Coordinates of the click: " + XCoord + "," + YCoord)
ActiveXEvent(<WLanguage procedure> , <ActiveX control> , <Event>)
<WLanguage procedure>: Procedure name
Name of WLanguage procedure called when the event is triggered.
This procedure must contain the number of parameter supplied by the event and it may return a result (see the documentation of the ActiveX control).
<ActiveX control>: Control name
Name of the ActiveX control.
<Event>: Character string
Name of the event associated with the ActiveX that triggers the procedure.
  • It is recommended to call ActiveXEvent in the "Initialization" event of the ActiveX control.
  • Important: PC SOFT provides no technical support about the operating mode of ActiveX controls.
    You will find the different events generated by the ActiveX control in its documentation.
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