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Stored procedures
Defines a color from its Red, Green and Blue components.
// Color an area in light blue
dFill(10, 50, RGB(0, 255, 255))
<Result> = RGB(<Red component> , <Green component> , <Blue component>)
<Result>: Integer
Color (24 bits) corresponding to the selected components. This color is the result of the following formula:
Color = 65536 * Blue Component + 256 * Green Component + Red Component.
WEBDEV - Browser code The color is returned in the format of a character string by the browser.
<Red component>: Integer (from 0 to 255)
Amount of red in the color.
<Green component>: Integer (from 0 to 255)
Amount of green in the color.
<Blue component>: Integer (from 0 to 255)
Amount of blue in the color.
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HTML colors

In an HTML page, the colors are represented by a character string such as "#RRGGBB". RR, GG and BB represent the hexadecimal value of red, green and blue components.
The following code allows you to convert an HTML color into an RGB color:
nRGB is int
HTMLColor is string
// If the HTML color has no #
nRGB = RGB(Val(Left(HTMLColor, 2), "x"), ...
Val(Middle(HTMLColor, 3, 2), "x"), ...
Val(Right(HTMLColor, 2), "x"))
// If the HTML color contains #
nRGB = RGB(Val(Middle(HTMLColor, 2, 2), "x"), ...
Val(Middle(HTMLColor, 4, 2), "x"), ...
Val(Right(HTMLColor, 2), "x"))
You can also use RGBToHTML.

RGB and code editor

In the code editor, when the RGB function and its parameters are specified, a square appears automatically, showing the corresponding color:
A click in the colored square is used to open the color picker.
Color picker
If the color is modified, the modification is taken into account when validating the color picker.


  • The colors specified with RGB can be modified according to the capacity of the current screen mode (VGA, 32 colors, etc.).
  • Important: It is recommended to specify colors using the color constants defined in WLanguage (see the preset colors of WLanguage).
Component: wd290std.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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