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Stored procedures
ConstantDescriptionDetailsUsed by the functions
dnvCurrentVersion of .NET FrameworkCurrent installed version (which means the most recent version)DotNetVersion
dnvInstalledVersion of .NET FrameworkChecks whether the requested version is installedDotNetVersion
dnvListVersion of .NET FrameworkList of the versions installed on the current computer. The different versions are separated by Carriage Returns (CR)DotNetVersion
DotNetAnyURITypeType of parameterURL addressDotNetRun
DotNetBase64BinaryTypeType of parameterBinaryDotNetRun
DotNetBooleanTypeType of parameterBooleanDotNetRun
DotNetByteTypeType of parameterByteDotNetRun
DotNetDecimalTypeType of parameterAny number without limitDotNetRun
DotNetDoubleTypeType of parameterDouble realDotNetRun
DotNetErrActorType of errorURL of the server that triggered the error (useful if the procedure is run by several servers).DotNetError
DotNetErrCodeType of errorError of the last .Net procedure runDotNetError
DotNetErrDetailType of errorError details. This message is in XML format.DotNetError
DotNetErrMessageType of errorError message returned by the server on the last .Net procedure run.DotNetError
DotNetFloatTypeType of parameterRealDotNetRun
DotNetHexBinaryTypeType of parameterHexadecimal binaryDotNetRun
DotNetHTTPResultType of resultResult (in HTTP format) of the last .Net procedure runDotNetGetResult
DotNetIntegerTypeType of parameterUnlimited integerDotNetRun
DotNetIntTypeType of parameterLimited integerDotNetRun
DotNetLongTypeType of parameterLong integerDotNetRun
DotNetNegativeIntegerTypeType of parameterNegative integer (except 0)DotNetRun
DotNetNonNegativeIntegerTypeType of parameterNon-negative integerDotNetRun
DotNetNonPositiveIntegerTypeType of parameterNon-positive integerDotNetRun
DotNetNormalizedStringTypeType of parameterCharacter string without CR or TAB charactersDotNetRun
DotNetPositiveIntegerTypeType of parameterPositive integer (except 0)DotNetRun
DotNetResultType of resultResult of the last .Net procedure runDotNetGetResult
DotNetShortTypeType of parameterShort integerDotNetRun
DotNetStringTypeType of parameterCharacter stringDotNetRun
DotNetUnsignedByteTypeType of parameterUnsigned byteDotNetRun
DotNetUnsignedIntTypeType of parameterUnsigned integerDotNetRun
DotNetUnsignedLongTypeType of parameterLong unsigned integerDotNetRun
DotNetUnsignedShortTypeType of parameterUnsigned short integerDotNetRun
DotNetXMLResultType of resultResult (in XML format) of the last .Net procedure runDotNetGetResult
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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