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  • Error codes and associated messages
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Stored procedures
EmailMsgError (Function)
In french: EmailMsgErreur
Returns the message corresponding to the error identifier.
To get more details on the error, use ErrorInfo with the errMessage constant.
Linux It is recommended to use ErrorInfo instead of EmailMsgError.
All the functions for email management return a result indicating whether the function was performed or not. If an error occurred, these functions return 0 or False. The Email.Error variable contains the identifier of the error that occurred.
// Sends the email
IF EmailSendMessage(UserName) = False THEN
<Result> = EmailMsgError(<Error number>)
<Result>: Character string
Full error message.
<Error number>: Integer
Identifier of the error. The Email.Error variable contains the identifier of the last error that occurred when using the functions for email management.

Error codes and associated messages

The corresponding codes are:
0: No error12: Unable to open the attachment
1: User-requested cancellation13: Unable to write the attachment
2: Unknown error14: Unknown recipient
3: Unable to connect15: Wrong format for the recipient address
4: Disk full16: No message
5: Out of memory17: Invalid message
6: Access denied18: Message text too long
8: Too many opened sessions19: Invalid session
9: Too many attachments (up to 10 files)21: Ambiguous recipient address
10: Too many recipients (20 recipients)23: Network error
11: Attachment not found26: The protocol is not supported by the server
10004: System interruption10053: The connection was stopped by the software
10009: Wrong file number10054: Connection terminated by the host
10013: Permission refused10055: Buffer too small
10014: Invalid address10056: The connection is already established
10022: Invalid argument10057: The socket is not connected
10035: Operation not completed10058: Unable to implement the socket
10036, 10037: An operation is in progress10060: Timeout
10038: Invalid socket10061: Connection refused
10040: A destination address must be specified10063: File name too long
10041, 10042, 10043: TCP IP protocol not supported10064: The connection was cut by the host
10044: Type of socket not supported10065: The host cannot be accessed
10045: Operation not supported by the socket10091: Unavailable network
10046, 10047: TCP IP protocol not supported10092: Bad version of Winsock DLL
10048: The address is already used10093: Network implementation not initialized
10049: Address not found10101: Socket disconnected
10050: The network is cut11001 - 11002: Host not found
10051: Unavailable network11003: Unknown error
10052: The connection was cut by the network during a reset11004: Unable to answer the request, the data does not exist
Component: wd280com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 06/21/2023

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