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  • Opening the window
  • Characteristics of the open window
  • Title of window to open
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Stored procedures
Opens a WINDEV window and closes all the other windows that were opened beforehand.
WINDEVJavaUser code (UMC)
// Ouverture de la fenêtre "FEN_SaisieClient" et fermeture
// de toutes les autres fenêtres précédemment ouvertes
Use(<Window name>)
<Window name>: Character string (with or without quotes)
Name of window to open.
By default, the window is displayed according to the position defined in the editor. You have the ability to define the display position of the window. The window name is completed by the display coordinates of window when it is opened. This parameter has the following format: "<Window name>, <Row>, <Column>" where:
  • <Window name>: name of window to open.
  • <Row>: horizontal display coordinates (in pixels) of window (in relation to the top left corner of screen or parent window).
  • <Column>: vertical display coordinate (in pixels) of window (in relation to the top left corner of screen or parent window).
WINDEVJavaUser code (UMC)

Opening the window

  • Windows that were previously open are closed. The closing code is not run.
  • The initialization code of project (if it was currently run) is interrupted.
  • The opened window is displayed and its controls are enabled.
  • The opening process of window (if it exists) is run.
WINDEVJavaUser code (UMC)

Characteristics of the open window

The window to open cannot:
  • return a result (it will be ignored),
  • accept mandatory parameters.
WINDEVJavaUser code (UMC)

Title of window to open

By default, the window title is the one defined in the editor.
To modify the window title, use NextTitle or CurrentTitle.
Component: wd270obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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