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Stored procedures
Displays or hides the chart gridlines.
Example of gridlines:
Gridlines of a chart
Reminder: The chart gridlines are invisible by default.
Linux Caution: A specific configuration is required to use this function in Linux. For more details, see The charts.
// Display the vertical gridlines in "MyChart"
grGridlines("MyChart", True, grYCoordinate)
// Display the horizontal gridlines in CHART_MyChart
grGridlines(CHART_MyChart, True, grXCoordinate)
grGridlines(<Chart name> , <Display> , <Axis direction>)
<Chart name>: Control name or character string
Name of the chart to be used. This name corresponds to:
  • the chart name defined through programming with grCreate.
  • the name of the Chart control in the window, page or report editor.
Android Only Chart controls are available.
PHP Only the interactive Chart controls are available.
<Display>: Boolean
  • True if the grid must be displayed,
  • False otherwise.
<Axis direction>: Integer constant (or combination of constants)
Axis used for the gridlines:
(default value)
Marks on X-axis (horizontal axis).
grYCoordinateMarks on Y-axis (vertical axis).

The combination of these two constants is used to get a full gridlines (vertical and horizontal).
  • The gridlines are taken into account:
    • in Column charts (grColumn and grColumnStacked constants), Scatter charts (grScatter constant), Line charts (grLine constant) and Stock charts (grCandleStick, grBarCharts and grMinMax constants) when <Axis direction> corresponds to grXCoordinate.
    • in Scatter charts (grScatter constant), Line charts (grLine constant) and Stock charts (grCandleStick and grBarCharts constants) when <Axis direction> corresponds to grYCoordinate.
  • The gridlines have no effect on Pie charts (grPie constant) and Funnel charts (grFunnel constant).
  • The data defined by grGridlines will be taken into account during the next call to grDraw.
Business / UI classification: Neutral code
Component: wd280grf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 06/21/2023

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