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Stored procedures
HSubstName (Function)
In french: HSubstNom
HFSQLAvailable only with this kind of connection
HSubstName is kept for backward compatibility (this function will still be supported in the forthcoming version).
From version 8, HSubstName is replaced by HChangeName.
The documentation about HSubstName available in WINDEV 5.5 is as follows.
Modifying the physical name of a data file
HSubstName(<LogicalFileName>, <PhysicalFileName>)
  • <LogicalFileName> is the name of the file given during its description.
  • <PhysicalFileName> is the physical name given to the file on disk (up to 260 characters if long names are supported).
By default, a file is created with:
  • a long name if the disk supports the long names
  • a logical name if the disk does not support the long names
After the call to HSubstName, the file whose logical name is <Logical_Name> will be opened under the <Physical_Name> name.
The modifications made to the name are stored in the ".REP" file (if it is enabled).
HSubstName used with an empty string for <Physical_Name> cancels the name substitution requested for <Logical_Name>.
HSubstName has no effect if the file is already opened. The file must be closed by HClose beforehand.
Caution: HSubstName is limited to 50 files: you only have the ability to change the name of 50 different files.
  • By default, the physical name corresponds to the logical name. HSubstName must be used when the name defined in the file description differs from the name of file on disk.
  • By default, the management of the .REP file is enabled.
  • HSubstName can be called several times with different parameters. If the same logical file name is defined several times, the last name will be taken into account when the file is opened.
  • The physical file name must contain no drive and no directory.
  • To modify the drive and/or the directory of a file, use HSubstDir or HAssign.
  • The calls to the other functions must always make reference to <Logical_Name> (and not to the physical name).
  • Closing the file (HClose) keeps HSubstName.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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