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Stored procedures
HInfoGene (Function)
In french: HInfoGene
HInfoGene is kept for backward compatibility (this function will still be supported in the forthcoming version).
This function is used to initialize the Hyper File 5.5 variables for information about the records.
From version 8, these variables are kept for backward compatibility and they are replaced by:
  • functions (for example, HNbRec replaces the H.NbRec variable).
  • HFSQL properties (for example, ..Directory replaces the H.Dir variable).
Below is the documentation available in WINDEV 5.5.
Remark: From version 19, HFSQL is the new name of HyperFileSQL.
Returning general information about a Hyper File file.
  • Syntax 1: Information about a Hyper File or xBase file

    • <LogicalFileName> is the name of the file
  • Syntax 2: Information about a view

    • <ViewIdentifier> is a long integer corresponding to the identifier of a view. This long integer is returned by HCreateView.
Returning general information about a Hyper File file:
  • number of deleted and/or crossed records,
  • number of active records,
  • number of the last record read or written,
  • file directory,
  • file extension,
  • generation number of the file,
  • size of physical record,
  • indicator of exchange file.
HInfoGene gives information about the file in the format of state variables.
HInfoGene opens the file if it is not opened.
File in Hyper File format
Hyper File 5.5 variableCorrespondence with HFSQL ClassicDescription
HNbDelHNbRecIndexed file: Number of deleted or crossed records.
Non-indexed file: 0
HNbRecHNbRecNumber of active records.
H.NumRecHRecNumNumber of the record loaded in memory.
H.Dir..DirectoryFile directory.
..DescribedDirectoryDirectory of the file, while taking the changes of directory into account
H.Ext..ExtensionFile extension
H.Gen..GenerationNumberGeneration number of the file
H.Lenr..RecordSizeSize of physical record
h.ExchangeIndicator of exchange format. It is equal to "0" if the file is in the language format, otherwise it is the calculated size of a record from the exchange file.
h.Log..LogMethodIndicates the log type. It is equal to 0 if there is no log, to 1 otherwise.
h.MemoNbMemoItemIndicates whether memos are found. It is set to 0 if no memo is found, to 1 otherwise.
File in xBase format
  • HNbDel is always set to 0
  • H.NumRec is always set to 0
  • HNbRec contains the total number of records (active and inactive)
  • H.Dir, H.Ext, H.Gen, H.Lenr, H.Exchange, H.Log are supported
  • H.Memo indicates whether memos are found. It is set to 0 if no memo is found, to 1 otherwise.
Hyper File view
  • HNbDel returns the number of records deleted in the view (via HDelete <ViewHandle>).
  • HNbRec returns the number of active records in the view
  • H.NumRec returns the number of the physical record loaded in memory (last record read).
  • h.Locked returns 1 if a duplicates error occurred during a HViewToFile
  • h.Integrity returns 1 if an integrity error occurred while using HViewToFile
  • h.Active is set to True if the last record read is active
  • H.Out is set to True if the record was not found in the view during the last read operation.
In WLanguage, if <LogicalFileName> is not specified, the last file used becomes the parameter value.
HINfoGene does not modify the pointed record or the record loaded in memory.
If HAdd is run before or after HInfoGene, the record number returned by HAdd (in H.NumRec) differs from the record number returned by HInfoGene. Indeed, HAdd returns the number of the added record while HInfoGene returns the number of the last record read.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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