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Stored procedures
HIsLocked (Function)
In french: HDéjàBloqué
HIsLocked is kept for backward compatibility (this function will still be supported in the forthcoming version).
From version 8, this function was replaced by:
  • an automatic management of locks (that can be disabled if necessary)
  • HErrorLock
Below is the documentation of HIsLocked, available in WINDEV 5.5
Windows Mobile This function can be used with HFSQL Client/Server data files or with data files handled by Native Accesses. This function is not available for HFSQL Mobile.
Remark: From version 19, HFSQL is the new name of HyperFileSQL.
Checking whether the last WINDEV operation was run or not.
<Result> = HIsLocked()
<Result> is a boolean that corresponds to the value of h.Locked
  • In custom mode:
    • When running a WINDEV function, if the file or the record is already locked, H.Locked is set to True and the function is not run. Therefore, to find out if the function was run properly, you must check HIsLocked that returns H.Locked.
    • HIsLocked allows WINDEV to make sure that the lock was processed by the program.
    • HIsLocked is set to True if H.Locked is set to True (file already locked by a program).
    • HIsLocked is set to False if H.Locked is set to False (file is not already locked by a program).
  • In semi-custom mode and in automatic mode:
    HIsLocked is not used.
  • In custom mode, HIsLocked cannot be ignored. When running a WINDEV function, if HIsLocked was not checked while the file is already locked by a program, WINDEV displays the error message 05:
    "Unexpected concurrent access <File Name>: End of program"
    Caution, this error may occur on the end-user computers. Therefore, don't forget to systematically check HIsLocked after each function for file management.
  • If the file was previously entirely locked by the program, there is no need to check HIsLocked until the file is unlocked.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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