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Stored procedures
HIndex_55 (Function)
In french: HRéindexe
HFSQLAvailable only with this kind of connection
The function HIndex_55 is equivalent to the function HRéindexe available with WINDEV 5.5.
This function is kept for backward compatibility (this function will still be supported in the forthcoming version).
Since version 8, HIndex has evolved and it can now be used for an advanced management of indexes with statistical calculation. Furthermore, HIndex can now be used for a simplified management of errors.
To benefit from these new features, use the new syntax of HIndex
Below is the documentation available in WINDEV 5.5.
Reindexing a Hyper File file found in the current analysis.
<Result> = HIndex_55(<LogicalFileName>, <PhysicalFileName>, <PhysicalDirectory> [, <Mode> [, <WindowHandle>])
  • <Result> is an integer that corresponds to an error code. <Result> is set to 0 if the reindex operation was successfully performed.
  • <LogicalFileName> is a character string that contains the logical name of the file to reindex
  • <PhysicalFileName> is a character string that contains the physical name of the file to reindex (identical to the logical file name by default)
  • <PhysicalDirectory> is a character string containing the physical directory of the file.
  • <Mode> is an integer corresponding to a combination of constants:
    • hNdxNormal: standard reindex operation (default value)
    • hNdxDelete: reindex and delete the damaged records
    • hNdxCompact: reindex with compression
    • hNdxSilent: no display during the reindex operation
    • hNdxMinimal: the reindex operation only takes the corrupted keys into account (ignored if NdxDelete or NdxCompact are enabled)
    • hCheckMemo: standard reindex operation with check of memos and correction if necessary.
  • <WindowHandle> is the handle of the window receiving the progress bar or NULL if there is no progress bar.
The file must be fully lockable.
The possible error codes are:
  • 1: File without key (therefore without index)
  • 2: Data file not found
  • 3: Error while opening the data file
  • 4: Invalid file version
  • 5: Invalid record size
  • 6: The file does not belong to the current analysis
  • 7: Error during the reindex operation
  • 8: Damaged records have been found
  • 9: Error while closing the data file
  • 10: No module to share the files
  • 11: File unknown in the current analysis
  • 12: Physical directory not defined
  • 13: 1.5-compatible analysis not supported
  • 14: Invalid reindex mode
  • 15: Unable to entirely lock the file before the reindex operation
  • 16: <Parameter> was not checked on the previous statement.
The error 16 is triggered if a previous error that occurred in the Hyper File environment was not processed:
  • password problem
  • integrity problem
  • duplicate problem
The NdxMinimal parameter is ignored when NdxDelete or NdxCompact are enabled.
  • This function affects the Hyper File files only
  • The 1.5-compatible analyses are not supported.
  • This function is available in the external interface WDHF5.C
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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