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  • Retrieving logs
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Stored procedures
HInfoLog (Function)
In french: HInfoLog
HFSQL Client/ServerAvailable only with this kind of connection
Returns information about the server logs.
Reminder: The server logs are used to show the calls to the server performed by the clients.
Remark: From version 19, HFSQL is the new name of HyperFileSQL.
Information is string
// Retrieve the correspondence between the function numbers
// and the name of the WLanguage functions
Information = HInfoLog("MyConnection", hCorrespondence)
<Result> = HInfoLog(<Connection name> , <Type of information>)
<Result>: Character string
Detailed result of the requested information type.
If the type of requested information corresponds to the hCorrespondence constant, <Result> has the following format:
<Number 1> + TAB + <Parameter 1> + TAB + <Value 1> + TAB + <French name 1> + TAB +
<English name 1> + CR + ...<Number N> + TAB + <Parameter N> + TAB + <Value N> + TAB +
<French name N> + TAB + <English name N>

  • <Number> corresponds to the number used to identify the function in the logs.
  • <Parameter> corresponds to the parameter in the log that used to differentiate between similar functions (HReadFirst/HReadNext for example).
  • <Value> corresponds to the value of the parameter.
  • <French name> corresponds to the name of the WLanguage function in French.
  • <English name> corresponds to the name of the WLanguage function in English.
<Connection name>: Character string
Name of the connection to the server for which information about the logs is requested.
<Type of information>: Integer constant
Specifies the type of requested information:
hCorrespondenceGives the correspondence between the numbers of the log functions and the names of the WLanguage functions

Retrieving logs

HSetServer is used to retrieve and modify information about the logs (maximum size, path, ...).
HRetrieveLog is used to retrieve the server logs (between two dates) in a file in text format.
Component: wd270hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 11
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