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Stored procedures
WINDEV includes several J2EE functions. These functions allow you to manage the execution of procedures on a server of J2EE XML Web services from your WINDEV applications.
The parameters required to run a procedure are specified in the documentation about the server of J2EE XML Web services.
To run a procedure on a server of J2EE XML Web services:
  1. Initialize the structure of parameters for the procedure to run (J2EE structure).
    Remark: To perform additional checks on the server of J2EE XML Web services, add a procedure header (J2EEAddHeader).
  2. Run the procedure (J2EERun or J2EERunXML). The following operations are automatically performed:
    • connecting the current computer and the server of J2EE XML Web services.
    • sending procedure parameters to the server of J2EE XML Web services.
    • checking the header if necessary.
    • running the procedure.
    • returning the procedure result or error to the current computer.
  3. Check the procedure result.
The result of J2EERun or J2EERunXML is used to find out whether the connection was successfully established.
If the connection was not established, use ErrorInfo to find out the cause of the error.
If the connection was established, check the result of J2EEGetResult:
  • if the result is not an empty string (""), the procedure was successfully run.
  • if the result is an empty string (""), the procedure was not run and/or an error was returned. To find out the procedure error, use J2EEError.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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