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Stored procedures
From version 16, this feature is no longer available.
ConstantAffectsUsed by the function
palmAlarmDayAlarm expressed in number of days. Example: alarm XX days before the beginning of the task.Palm structure
palmAlarmHourAlarm expressed in number of hours. Example: alarm XX hours before the beginning of the task.Palm structure
palmAlarmMinuteAlarm expressed in number of minutes. Example: alarm XX minutes before the beginning of the task.Palm structure
palmCategoryInfoReads the category of the current PALM recordPalmRead
palmCellContactNumber of mobile phonePalm structure
palmDailyRepetitionTask performed every XX daysPalm structure
palmDataInfoReads the content of the current PALM recordPalmRead
palmDBAddressDatabase of the address bookPalmLoad
palmDBMemoDatabase of the notepadPalmLoad
palmDBOrganizerDatabase of the calendarPalmLoad
palmDBTaskDatabase of the task listPalmLoad
palmDefaultRecord format: only the values of the record items are displayedFileToPalm
palmDetailRecord format: the values of the record items as well as the caption of each item are displayedFileToPalm
palmEmailContactEmail addressPalm structure
palmFaxContactFax NumberPalm structure
palmFCategoryFilter implemented on the categoryPalmFilter
palmFMemoContentFilter implemented on the memo contentPalmFilter
palmFMemoSubjectFilter implemented on the memo subject (first row)PalmFilter
palmHomeContactHome phone numberPalm structure
palmInfoPositionReturns the position of the current PALM recordPalmRead
palmMainContactMain number for contacting the personPalm structure
palmMonthlyRepetitionByDateTask performed every XX of the month (where XX represents the day). XX is defined according to the start date of the task. For example, task starting on 08/19/02 and repeated every month on the 19th.Palm structure
palmMonthlyRepetitionByDayTask performed every XX day of each month. The day of the week and its position in the month are defined according to the task start date. For example, task starting on Monday 08/19/02 and repeated every 3rd Monday of each month or task starting on Thursday 08/22/02 and repeated every 4th Thursday of each monthPalm structure
palmNoneNo alarm, no repetition.Palm structure
palmOtherContactOther way of contact not found in the list below.Palm structure
palmPagerContactPager NumberPalm structure
palmWeeklyRepetitionTask performed every XX weeks, on Monday, Tuesday ...Palm structure
palmWorkContactProfessional phone numberPalm structure
palmYearlyRepetitionTask performed every XX yearsPalm structure
Minimum required version
  • Version 9
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