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  • Variables of the Palm structure
  • Creating a new record
  • Managing an addition into the Palm database
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Stored procedures
PalmAdd (Function)
In french: PalmAjoute
From version 16, this feature is no longer available.
Adds a record into one of the Palm Pilot databases (notepad, task list, address book or calendar).
The record is added to a view of records for one of the Palm databases (created by PalmLoad). The Palm structure is used to defined the data of this record according to the database used.
The addition is directly performed in the database on the current computer.
// An access is opened on the "Notepad" database of the PCS user
// This access is identified by the "MyAccess" string:
PalmLoad("MyAccess", "PCS", PalmDBMemo)
// Build a new record
// Initialize the variables of the PALM structure
// Assign values to the PALM variable for the new record
palm.Category = "Transmission"
palmMemo.Data = "This is the message that must be transmitted to the Palm Pilot"
// Add the record
IF PalmAdd("MyAccess") = False THEN
Error("Error while adding a record into " + ...
"the PALM database" + ErrorInfo())
<Result> = PalmAdd([<Access name>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the record was added,
  • False otherwise. To find out the error details, use ErrorInfo.
<Access name>: Optional character string (with quotes)
Name of access previously defined by PalmLoad. If this parameter is not specified, the last access handled by a PALM function is used.

Variables of the Palm structure

The information added into the record corresponds to the values specified in the different variables of the Palm structure.
The variables of the Palm structure differ according to the Palm Pilot database (defined by PalmLoad).
For more details, see:
Note: PalmAdd will return False if the variables are empty.

Creating a new record

When creating a new record, we recommend that you use PalmRAZ to re-initialize the variables of PALM structure.

Managing an addition into the Palm database

Tip: Before modifying the database, we advise you to perform a backup copy of the database (with fCopyFile for example). A backup copy is automatically performed before the synchronization (memodat.bak file).
Remark: When running the WINDEV application, you have the ability to:
  • synchronize the Palm.
  • start and use the Palm Desktop. Caution: if modifications are performed in Palm Desktop, the data found in the WINDEV application will have to be updated by PalmRefresh.
If the database was modified by the WINDEV application, the Palm Desktop application is automatically notified of this modification and it is automatically updated. The data modified by the WINDEV application is refreshed in real time.
Component : wd250plm.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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