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Stored procedures
BurnerMediaInfo (Function)
In French: GraveurInfoMédia
Retrieves the characteristics of the CD/DVD found in the current burner. This burner can be selected by BurnerSelect.
  • The burner must be inactive during the call to BurnerMediaInfo. To find out the current status of burner, use BurnerStatus.
  • To find out the list of burners available from the current computer, use BurnerList.
// Status of burner?
IF BurnerStatus() = burnerInactive THEN
// Characteristics of CD
ResType is int
ResFreeSize is int
ResNbSessions is int
ResType = BurnerMediaInfo(mediaType)
ResFreeSize = BurnerMediaInfo(mediaFreeSize)
ResNbSessions = BurnerMediaInfo(mediaNumberSessions)

Info("The type of the CD is: " + ResType, ...
"There are " + ResFreeSize + " free blocks", ...
"The CD contains " + ResNbSessions + " sessions")
// The burner is used. You cannot
// find out the characteristics of CD
Info("The burner is currently used")
<Result> = BurnerMediaInfo(<Type of Characteristic>)
<Result>: Integer constant
  • Requested characteristic,
  • -1 if an error occurred. To find out the error details, use ErrorInfo associated with the errMessage constant.
This function requires the presence of a CD or DVD in the burner.
If <Type of Characteristic> corresponds to:
  • mediaFormat: Format of CD or DVD:
    mediaFormat_BD_RERewritable Blu-Ray disk.
    mediaFormat_BD_ROMRead-only Blu-Ray disk.
    mediaFormat_BD_RWritable Blu-Ray disk.
    mediaFormat_DVDminusRWritable DVD-R disk.
    mediaFormat_DVDminusRWRewritable DVD-R disk.
    mediaFormat_DVDminusR_DLDouble-layer writable DVD-R disk.
    mediaFormat_DVDplusRWritable DVD +R disk.
    mediaFormat_DVDplusR_DLDouble-layer writable DVD +R disk.
    mediaFormat_DVDplusRWRewritable DVD +R disk.
    mediaFormat_DVDplusRW_DLDouble-layer rewritable DVD +R disk
    mediaFormat_DVD_RAM_HDHigh definition DVD-RAM.
    mediaFormat_DVD_ROM_HDRead-only high definition DVD.
    mediaFormat_DVD_ROMRead-only DVD.
    mediaFormat_DVD_R_HDWritable high definition DVD.
    mediaFormat_UnusableCD whose format is unusable.
    mediaFormat_RCD-R format (non-rewritable CD).
    mediaFormat_RWCD-RW format (rewritable CD).
  • mediaNumberSessions: Number of sessions on the CD.
  • mediaFreeSize: Free space (in blocks) on the CD.
    <Result> will be equal to 0 if the CD is an audio CD already burned.
  • mediaTotalSize: Total space on the CD (in blocks).
    <Result> will be equal to 0 if the CD is an audio CD already burned.
  • mediaSizeUsed: Space used on the CD (in blocks).
    <Result> will be equal to 0 if the CD is an audio CD already burned.
  • mediaType: Type of CD:
    mediaType_CDDA_CDROMAudio CD
    mediaType_CD_EXTRAData and audio CD
    mediaType_CD_IData, audio and video CD
    mediaType_CD_ROM_XAData CD
    mediaType_UnknownOther type of CD
  • mediaBlank:
    • True if the CD is blank.
    • False otherwise.
<Type of Characteristic>: Integer constant
Type of characteristic to retrieve:
mediaFormatFormat of CD or DVD
mediaNumberSessionsNumber of sessions on the CD or DVD
mediaFreeSizeAvailable space on the CD or DVD (in blocks).
<Result> will be equal to 0 if the CD is an audio CD already burned.
mediaTotalSizeTotal space on the CD or DVD (in blocks).
<Result> will be equal to 0 if the CD is an audio CD already burned.
mediaSizeUsedSpace used on the CD or DVD (in blocks).
<Result> will be equal to 0 if the CD is an audio CD already burned.
mediaTypeType of CD or DVD
mediaBlankBlank CD or DVD


  • The size of a CD or DVD is expressed in blocks.
  • A block corresponds to 2048 bytes on a data CD or DVD and to 2352 bytes on an audio CD or DVD.
  • A second on the CD or DVD corresponds to 75 blocks.

Audio CD already burned

If the CD found in the current burner corresponds to an audio CD already burned, you cannot find out the available space, the total space or the space used on this CD (mediaFreeSize, mediaTotalSize and mediaSizeUsed constants).
The audio DVDs are not supported.

Required configuration

WINDEV Burning CDs is available for Windows XP and later. Burning DVDs is available for Windows Vista and for Windows XP when using the KB932716 update for Windows XP (this update must be downloaded from the Microsoft site and installed manually because it is not taken into account by the Live Update mechanism).
WEBDEV - Server code The CDs and the DVDs will be burned on the Web server. To burn CDs or DVDs, the server must be running Windows XP or later. To burn CDs in Windows 2003 Server, the IMAPI burn service (named "IMAPI CD-burning COM service") must be enabled. To burn DVDs in Windows 2003 Server, you also have to install the KB932716 update.
WINDEVWEBDEV - Server codeReports and Queries wd230grv.dll
Minimum required version
  • Version 10
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