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Stored procedures
The SMS structure is a preset structure of WLanguage (no declaration is required). This structure is used to create and read an SMS.
Remark: To reset all the variables of the SMS structure to zero, use SMSReset.
Android Only SMS messages found in the phone memory can be handled by the SMS functions.
WINDEVWEBDEV - Server codeLinux The SMS structure is used to generate QR Codes (when printing a bar code for example).
The variables of the SMS structure
The structure contains the following members:
AttachmentCharacter string corresponding to the path of the attachment to associate to the message. If this variable is specified, the message sent will be an MMS.
Caution: To be sent, the attachment must be located in the shared memory of the device (e.g. SD card).
Remark: This variable is used only when sending SMS with SMSRunApp. It is ignored in all other cases.
iPhone/iPad This variable is ignored.
CountryPrefixCharacter string containing the international prefix (33 by default for France).
If the recipient number starts with "0" and if a national prefix is specified, "0" will be replaced with this prefix.
If the national prefix is not specified, use a number in international format. For example, 1612345678.
iPhone/iPad This variable is ignored.
IndexInteger corresponding to the index of the incoming SMS.
MessageCharacter string containing the outgoing message or the incoming message (up to 160 characters).
Android The message is not limited to 160 characters.
NumberCharacter string containing the recipient number or the sender number.
NumberTypeIndicates the type of number used:
  • smsInternationalNumber (default value): these numbers can be accessed from anywhere and they are in 06.xx.xx.xx.xx format
  • smsNationalNumber: short numbers, accessible within the country.
iPhone/iPad This variable is ignored.
ReceiveDateDate and time when the SMS was received.
iPhone/iPad This variable is ignored.
RetryBoolean (True by default)
Indicates whether the message must be sent on a regular basis if no reception.
AndroidiPhone/iPad This variable is ignored.
Differences between GO mode and runtime
In GO mode (simulation on the development computer), a WLanguage error occurs when a variable of the SMS structure is used.
Android The SMS functions can be used during a GO on the Android emulator. To simulate the sending of SMS messages to the emulator, see the documentation of the Android SDK:
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Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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