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  • Optimizing the connections for an IP address
  • Connecting to an infrared port
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Stored procedures
Connects a client computer to a given socket.
  • UDP sockets: The UDP protocol being a "connectionless" protocol, SocketConnect cannot be used with the UDP protocol. To send or receive data with the UDP protocol, you must create a UDP socket (SocketCreateUDP) then send/receive data with the "special UDP" syntaxes of SocketWrite and SocketRead.
  • SSL sockets: To send or receive data with the SSL protocol, you must create an SSL socket (SocketCreateSSL) and connect to this socket with SocketConnectSSL.
  • Communication with robots or with non-WINDEV applications: To simplify the exchanges of data by socket, a transmission mode is initialized by default. For a communication with an external module (non-WINDEV application, robot, ...), this transmission mode can prevent the communications from operating properly. SocketChangeTransmissionMode is used to change this transmission mode (the SocketNoEndTag constant allows you not to modify the frames read and written).
Reminder: A socket is a communication resource used by the applications to communicate between computers regardless of the network type.
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Optimizing the connections for an IP address

When an IP address is passed to SocketConnect, the connection can be optimized by using the following code:
Socket.Option = SocketOptimizeIPConnection
CThis option is not enabled by Default because the connection may fail in some configurations.. However, it may be useful in some applications for which the performances are critical.
Remark: To restore the default operating mode, all you have to do is use the SocketOptionDefault constant:
Socket.Option = SocketOptionDefault
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Connecting to an infrared port

To connect to a socket that is using an infrared port:
  1. Create a socket using the infrared port on the server (SocketCreateInfrared in a WINDEV application).
  2. In the client application (WINDEV application), use SocketConnectInfrared to connect to this socket.
Component : wd250com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Does not work on linux, run in a procedure.
04 Jan. 2017