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Stored procedures


Note: From version 19, HFSQL is the new name of HyperFileSQL.
Versions 09 and later
New in version 09
Declares a query created in the query editor to the HFSQL engine and runs this query.
Versions 09 and later
New in version 09
Initializes a query written in SQL language and declares this query to the HFSQL engine.
The list of SQL functions available in WLanguage is as follows:
SQLAssociateAutomatically associates each column of the query result with a control or with a variable of the application.
SQLChangeConnectionModifies the current connection.
SQLCloseDeclares the end of the query execution and frees the memory resources allocated during the execution of the query.
SQLColRetrieves the content of the specified column from the query result, for the current line.
SQLColumnReturns the characteristics of all the columns (or items):
  • for a given table.
  • for a given query.
SQLColumnFormatReturns the different types of columns supported:
SQLDisconnectCloses the current connection and frees the memory used by the connection.
SQLExecNames and runs an SQL query.
SQLExecWDRRuns the SQL code of a query created in the query editor.
SQLFetchGoes to the next line (which means to the next record) of the query result.
SQLFirstPositions on the first line of query result.
SQLGetColRetrieves the content of the specified column from the query result, for the current line.
SQLGetMemoRetrieves the content of a Memo column from the query result, for the current line.
SQLGetTextMemoRetrieves the content of a Text Memo column found in the query result, for the current line.
SQLInfoInitializes the different SQL variables with information relative to the last query run.
SQLLastPositions on the last line of query result.
SQLListSourceLists the data sources declared on a local site.
SQLListTableList all the tables that can be accessed by the connected database system.
SQLLockUsed to lock:
  • The entire data table, in read and write mode. Its data cannot be accessed by other computers.
  • The records selected by the query. This data cannot be accessed by the other computers. This method can be used to update records for example.
SQLModifyModifies the content of a line in the query result.
SQLNextPositions on the next line of query result.
SQLPreviousPositions on the previous line of query result.
SQLReqExistsChecks the existence of a query.
SQLSeekPositions on the specified result line of query.
SQLTableTransfers the result of a query to a memory table (list box or combo box), with possibility of Partial Fetch (the result is retrieved by blocks of lines).
SQLTransactionUsed to start, validate or cancel a transaction:
  • on the files of a database opened by SQLConnect,
  • on the files of a database opened by a connection (OLE DB or Native Access) described in the data model editor or by HOpenConnection.
Minimum required version
  • Version 9
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