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Stored procedures
From version 28 (75), TableColumnSubscript is kept for backward compatibility. This function is replaced by TableColumnIndex.
Returns the index of a column in a Table or Treeview Table control.
WINDEVReports and QueriesJavaUser code (UMC)
// Index of "Ref" column in the "TABLE_Product" control
// The display order is taken into account
ResColumnIndex = TableColumnIndex(TABLE_Product, "Ref", tcpDisplay)
WEBDEV - Server codeWEBDEV - Browser codeAjax
// Index of "Ref" column in the "TABLE_Product" control
// The display order is taken into account
ResColumnIndex = TableColumnIndex(TABLE_Product, "Ref")
<Result> = TableColumnIndex(<Table control> , <Column> , <Order>)
<Result>: Integer
Column index:
  • The index of the first column is set to 1.
  • The invisible columns are also listed.
<Table control>: Control name
Name of the Table or TreeView Table control to be used.
If this parameter corresponds to an empty string (""), TableColumnIndex will handle the control to which the current event belongs.
<Column>: Character string
Name of the column to be used.
<Order>: Integer constant
Specifies the order of relevant columns:
tcpCreationOrder in which the columns have been created when describing the Table control.
tcpDisplayOrder in which the columns are displayed at run time.

WEBDEV - Server codeWEBDEV - Browser codePHP This parameter is optional. The constant used by default is tcpCreation: the creation order of columns is taken into account.

Use conditions

TableColumnIndex can be used on:
  • Table or TreeView Table controls based on a data file.
  • Table or TreeView Table controls populated programmatically.
  • single-selection or multi-selection controls.
    WEBDEV - Server codePHP Reminder: Multi-selection is not available for Table controls in "Server" mode.
  • WEBDEV - Server codePHP a Table control in "Server" or "Server + AJAX" mode, or on a TreeView Table control.
  • WEBDEV - Browser code a Table control in "Browser" mode.
    WEBDEV - Browser code The TreeView Table control is not available.
Business / UI classification: UI Code
Component: wd280obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 03/20/2023

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